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Week from 20-12-1999 to 26-12-1999  

12/24/1999: 3Dlabs it sells his patents to Intel

Intel has acquired for approximately 7,5 million dollars the rights on all the patents of the company 3Dlabs, manufacturer of the family of chips graphs Permedia.
This movement seems destined to favor the Intel leadership in the chipsets segment with integrated video, a market increasing and much disputed in that the biggest Intel competitor seems to be a
ROUTE, especially from his union with S3.
At present Intel already makes the chipsets 810 and 810E, that there integrate checkers of video based on the chip i752 of the proper Intel.

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12/24/1999: Intel presents the Pentium III to 800 MHz

... there seems the career of the crazy cars. Since it is habitual lately with the mikes Intel of higher scale, the probability of finding a team with this processor is negligible, and only it has been delivered to Dell and Gateway (between other few ones), since production level does not hope to go over to sufficiently till the end of January like minimum (certainly, Gateway either it mounts PCs with mikes AMD Athlon 700 Mhz and any more).
The PIII to 800 MHz are made of 4 of the factories of Intel and soon there will be another country house in functioning.
On the other hand, although the official throwing has not been realized, many electronic publications on hardware could have analyzed the models to 800 MHz of AMD, as for example or These chips have been provided by the same AMD; one hopes that they should be presented officially the day of kings; Baltasar already does not bring myrrh, but mobiles and K7s ;-)
Who will come first (officially) to the GHz?

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