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Week from 25-12-2000 to 31-12-2000  

12/30/2000: ALi promotes the memory DDR

    To try to promote the use of the memory DDR-SDRAM (and also, why not, the SDRAM of the whole life) opposite to more and more powerful (legally speaking, of course) Rambus, ALi celebrated recently in China the biggest never realized sample of basic badges.
    In her there were exhibited manufacturers' products of the size of Arima, ASUS, Chaintech, Epox, Gigabyte, Iwill, Luckystar, Maxtium, MITAC, MSI, PCCHIPS, SOYO, and Transcend, working along with memoirs of Apacer, Buffalo, Elpida, Hyundai, Infineon, Micron, Nanya, Samsung, Transcend, and TwinMOS, all of them world leaders of the segment.
    A nice spectacle, in which we suppose that enough of the badges with DDR were using the chipset ALiMAGiK 1... but it is only an assumption, skylight.

More information in:
SiS and ALi react: new chipsets for mikes AMD

News written for: Miquel Tarazona


His publicity in CsH

12/29/2000: The computer companies worried by the descent of the sales

    In the last weeks, after the publication of the villains turned out to be economic of the computer companies, the sector is experiencing a strong recession, with continuous descents of the index NASDAQ.
    And probably do not be for less. The death of 3dfx really is only another sad anecdote in a panorama of widespread descent of the sales. The question is that many are selling to themselves less PCs and components of those that it was foreseen, and the worst thing is that the forecasts for the year 2001 aim also at the casualty.
    Even companies of soundness and success recognized are affected; for example, AMD is selling an ENORMOUS mikes quantity, you code certainly worrying for Intel... but his actions quote much underneath of what they have been in worse epochs of this year. Undoubtedly the investors are afraid, with or without motive; and that for not speaking about other "technological bags" much less solid, like the Spaniard...
    One of the motives of all this might be that the users are more than contentments with the current yield of his PCs, and do not see motive for updating them. In the managerial ambience, big engine of the sales, the situation is similar: even the worst computer that sells at present is a "beast" handling the applications ofimáticas.
    Probably let's see soon a price war (like which there is already between Intel and AMD), in an effort of the manufacturers to escape from the stored stocks; but although this seems positive, many companies might fail or be absorbed, and the absence of competition is the worst possible future scenery...

More information in:,4586,2668681,00.html,4586,2669341,00.html"l
NVIDIA acquires 3dfx!!
Intel and AMD lower the prices of his microprocessors

News written for: Juan Herrerías


12/27/2000: In January, a new Pentium 4...: slower?!

    He looks like a confirmee that in January (
good-looking The Register for the 28th, although Intel usually throws his products every Monday), Intel will throw a model of Pentium 4 to: 1,3 GHz! The logical thing (as we have got accustomed lately) there would have been a model of top, and not low speed. What is there behind this decision?
    Apparently it would be a question of a strategy to mount computers Pentium 4 more economic, something for that there will be grateful companies as Dell or Compaq. The new mike would go out for 1,3 GHz with an approximate price of 268 $; nevertheless, Intel tries to lower at the same price the Pentium 4 1,4 GHz in the first quarter of 2001, what would shorten significantly the useful life of the model to 1,3 GHz. Likewise, Pentium III wait for clippings in for 1 GHz at the end of January.
    Really, Intel should be left of so many history and ALREADY lower of price the current models of 1,4 and 1,5 GHz. It seems that they are not conscious of that the Athlon is superior to 1,2 GHz, and really the Pentium 4 will have to 1,3 GHz a yield easy to overcome even for his family Pentium III (much cheaper). To these managers are not the one who understands them....

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Was there a change of design in the new Pentium 4? Did a version 0.9 exist?
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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship (Ody)


12/26/2000: Already to the sale graphic cards with the chip KYRO

    The Taiwanese manufacturer PowerColor has presented officially a few days ago his new graphic card, the PowerColor Evil KYRO, based on the chip developed by STMicro (also called PowerVR3) and focused towards the electronic free time (the games of computer).
    Between the characteristics of this new card, it is necessary to emphasize the support AGP 4x, his 32 or 64 MB of memory (depending on the model), the decodificación assisted by hardware of DVDs, the support for DirectX and OpenGL and his resolutions of up to 1920x1280 to 75 Hz, in addition to the already habitual TV exit in format NTSC and PAL (only in the 64 MB model ).
    Also VideoLogic Vivid is free!, that in addition to the chip KYRO presents 32 MB of SDRAM, with a band of 2,4 GB / century In addition to for the habitual channels, can be bought in the same VideoLogic web site, to approximately 100 pounds sterling (approximately 150 $ or 27.000 ptas).
    Also, thanks to his powerful chip with technology tile rendering, these cards possess a yield at a height of the chip GeForce2 MX of NVIDIA and an enormous fan of possible special effects, like multitexture of up to 8 layers, support of effects of fog, lights you will speculate, environment bump mapping (under Direct 3D), and antialiasing to finished screen (FSAA, "smoothed of rims").

More information in:
The first graphic cards with the chip KYRO

News written for: Miquel Tarazona


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