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Week of 24-1-2000 to 30-1-2000  

1/27/2000: Compaq iPAQ: a PC for less than $ 500?

... In particular, for 499 dollars USA (of course, without monitor); this is the price of the new computer of Compaq, which breaks completely with the traditional schemes of the industry. It is a question of one of the first models of PC "free of inherited technology" (legacy-free PC), thanks to which they will be able to be made PCs simpler to handle and to install, more bargain sales and more attractions.
Because the iPAQ does not lack design; it has a vertical, serious but elegant format in the colors and perhaps it looks alike to a white book in a strange support. In the technological aspect, it includes a Celeron to 500 MHz, 64MB RAM, 4.3GB of hard disk and two ports USB, quite governed by a chipset 810E with integrated graphic checker. There lacks buses ISA, PCI, PS/2, ports series o parallel and, if it is wished, not disk drive (like already veteran iMac).
Of course, it is not destined for tasks especially complex and his expansion capacity is quite limited, but: really does that matter, if little costs so?

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1/26/2000: The Slot 1 has died, live through the FC-PGA

It does not escape from the people of
The Register at all, how good English journalists who are... They have just discovered that, in a document of Intel that enumerates the serial numbers of the current models Pentium III, the future equivalent models are also, prepared but secret, in format FC-PGA.
The document signed by some "kcoffin", conceals the new models FC-PGA by means of tags HTML of comment, which do not appear on screen but which can be eliminated in seconds (far-sighted, such a kcoffin). Like that, he is enough to compare the original document with the version without the above mentioned tags that we have realized.
The document includes also the date of May 5 like probable date for his renewal, what gives us an idea of a little time that they have left on the market to the mikes in format Slot 1 (many sources code it in less than 1 year) and doubt once again if the change was necessary to the above mentioned proprietary format, which license retained Intel in more than probable attempt of harming AMD.

More information in:
Coppermine: Pentium III EB/E


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