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Pentium III Processors
Product Order Codes

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Boxed Processors Product Order Codes (POC):

Single POC Bulk POC
10 packs
Bus Speed Core Speed Mfg Process Form Factor
BX80525U450512E KK450DPAK10 100 MHz 450 MHz 0.25 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80525U500512E KK500DPAK10 100 MHz 500 MHz 0.25 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526F500256E KNF50YC26PAK10 100 MHz 500E MHz 0.18 m FC-PGA
BX80525U533512E KNS53ZD25PAK10 133 MHz 533B MHz 0.25 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526U533256E KNS53ZC26PAK10 133 MHz 533EB MHz 0.18 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80525U550512E KK550DPAK10 100 MHz 550 MHz 0.25 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526F550256E N/A 100 MHz 550 MHz 0.18 m FC-PGA
BX80525U600512E KNS60YD25PAK10 100 MHz 600 MHz 0.25 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80525H600512E KNS60ZD25PAK10 133 MHz 600B MHz 0.25 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526H600256E KNS60YC26PAK10 100 MHz 600E MHz 0.18 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526U600256E KNS60ZC26PAK10 133 MHz 600EB MHz 0.18 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526U650256E KNS65YC26PAK10 100 MHz 650 MHz 0.18 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526U667256E KNS66ZC26PAK10 133 MHz 667 MHz 0.18 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526U700256E KNS70YC26PAK10 100 MHz 700 MHz 0.18 m S.E.C.C.2
BX80526U733256E KNS73ZC26PAK10 133 MHz 733 MHz 0.18 m S.E.C.C.2

Notice: Different Pentium III processors that share the same core speed in MHz plows identified using special cogive:

E = 0.18 micron manufacturing process
B = 133 MHz system bus speed
Letter designators plows only required when two or Pentium III processors share the same core speed resides.


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