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Week from 28-1-2002 to 3-2-2002  

His publicity in CsH

2/3/2002: Apple dazzles us once again: 1 dual GHz + GeForce 4

    Apple has presented his new models PowerMac G4, who not only are equipped with double processor of up to 1 GHz, being capable of reaching 15 gigaflops (15.000 million operations of floating comma per second), but also they are provided exclusive with the last graphic marvel of NVIDIA, new GeForce 4 MX. Other "habitual" marvels join this like the unit SuperDrive, to be able to create your own DVDs, or the inclusion of network Ethernet to 1 Gbit, modem, wireless network AirPort, 2 ports FireWire and 4 USB, almost not at all.
    On the GeForce 4 MX, it is so recent that his technical information does not consist in the NVIDIA web site, but we can quote that one incorporates of series in the models 933 MHz and 1 GHz. Apple makes sure that it has 64 MB of memory DDR and that it develops a fill-rate of 1.100 million pixels per second, what would make her more rapid than a GeForce2 Ti or a GeForce2 Ultra, and with major visual quality.
    Another characteristic of this small monster of the process is his cache memory of third level (L3) 2 MB for every processor (yes, up to 4 MB), of the type DDR-SDRAM to 500 MHz and with 4 band GB/s. We did not see something like that from times of the AMD K6-III (with many minor speed, but the one to that gave excellent results in what it refers to yield). And if we speak about yield, according to Apple this model is located much superficially (72 % to 300 % more rapid) from a Pentium 4 ... because not everything in the life is in the GHz, as we always say to 2 GHz.

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News written for: José Miguel Berenguel, Miquel Tarazona and Juan Herrerías


1/31/2002: Intel continues his transition to 0,13 microns with the Celeron and the portable ones

    There comes the relief of the low scale of Intel or what is the same to the Celeron; these microprocessors, which they spent it already does some time to have a bus of: oh, 100 MHz!! (and it cost them...), now they inherit the nucleus of Pentium III Tualatin, which offers them more and more rapid cache memory L2.
    As has announced Intel, the Celeron with 0,18 microns technology (nucleus Coppermine-128) are on the point of dying; the last ones that will be made, will be those who have a speed of 1,1 GHz, whose price is at present of 79 $. From 1,2 GHz (89 $ to today) will be replaced by the new models 0,13 micron s Celeron Tualatin-256 .
    Will it begin now the battle between the called "microprocessors of low scale"? It might be, although we doubt very much that the situation changes too much. Anyway, the AMD Duron keeps on being more powerful than the Celeron, at least while Intel continues with his ridiculous habit of supporting to the poor bug with a 100 MHz prehistoric bus and without DDR-SDRAM support. And it does not also remain already great so that there appear the first Celeron based on nuclei Pentium 4...
    On the other hand, he has announced to himself that all the new mikes Intel for portable are already of 0,13 microns; a logical movement, since the electrical consumption and the generation of heat of these mikes turn out to be drastically reduced with the new manufacture technology. In this respect, the new portable Celeron turn out to be very interesting to 1,2 and 1,13 GHz, of excellent relation quality / price.

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News written for: José Miguel Berenguel and Juan Herrerías


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