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Week from 31-1-2000 to 6-2-2000  

2/2/2000: Scarcity of mikes and change to FC-PGA: Intel confirms everything

The English press discovers everything, well be with telephoto lenses or by means of the e-mail. Again
The Register extracts to the light something that should be in the dark; this time talks each other of an Intel document his associates in which several slightly pleasing rumors are confirmed, at least for Intel...
The most important news is the scarcity of mikes, both Pentium III and Celeron; it is indicated literally that "the supply of these mikes will be restricted especially in February, 2000", and that the provisions of Pentium III to 800 MHz will begin "further on, during the first trimester" despite having being presented last December 20. To relieve these problems, Intel announces a surprising measurement: to make more Pentium II (yes, 2)!
Likewise, it is confirmed that the format of future Pentium III will be the FC-PGA; the cartridge SECC2 (the current format for Slot 1) should begin being replaced right now, taking the front part the FC-PGA by the end of the first trimester (something that seems difficult to expire, since according to Intel there should be mikes FC-PGA up to 750 MHz from January... something that it has not been fulfilled).
All these problems of scarcity and debts are already being evident on the market, where there increases the price of the microprocessors Intel almost every day. Some manufacturers admit that they are selling mikes AMD Athlon (K7) not already for his excellent technology, but because there are the only ones that seem to exist in sufficient number...

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2/1/2000: AMD will stop making K6-III

The big demand of K7s and K6-2s has done that AMD raises seriously the elimination of the production of the K6-III, a too expensive mike, although of yield more than understudy.
It is not official on the part of AMD, nevertheless in ZDNet they affirm that an AMD representative confirmed it to herself personally. It seems that the position of the K6-III was not too clear, with the K7 at the prices whom one was finding (lightly more expensive) and the much cheaper K6-2 and at major clock speed, with a yield also acceptably. The K6-III was the only alternative for the platform Super7 with a yield equivalent to a Pentium III. It is necessary to bear in mind that a K6-III 400 is in general more rapid than a K6-2 500 and at least so rapidly as a Celeron 400.
Other rumors were affirming that the K6-III would see his market limited to the portable computers; nevertheless it seems that there will be the K6-2 who acupe also this hollow.
Also, the prompt appearance of the K6-2 + would make the presence of this mike unnecessary. The new one K6-2 +, with the nucleus of the K6-III like base, will be provided with some of 24 new instructions 3DNow! that the K7 added, will be made by 0,18 microns technology and will include also 128 KB of cache memory L2 integrated (according to some sources, in fact 256 KB of the K6-III but only with 128 paymasters... rarer things have been seen).
Summing up: the K6-III stops being made, having reached much minor speeds of the possible ones, to happen to call K6-2 +, with half of cache memory L2 (or the same one, with part activable from the BIOS?) and speeds of at least 600 MHz.

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