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Week of 5-2-2001 11-2-2001  

2/11/2001: Pentium 4 with memory DDR for this autumn?

    In the last weeks the rumor has spread over Internet, considered as very probably, of that Intel will present a new chipset for the Pentium 4 this autumn, perhaps in October... a chipset that would not be for memory RDRAM, but for DDR-SDRAM.
    The chipset in question would be the acquaintance under the key name of Brookdale, which at first was destined to appear in the first trimester of 2002 and to support memory "classic" SDRAM (not DDR). Nevertheless, the strong reserve of the industry to adopt the memory RDRAM ("Direct Rambus-DRAM", to be still exact), at a very high price and with almost the only supplier of importance (Samsung), would force Intel to look for an economic solution very much earlier.
    And this solution would be the DDR-SDRAM, of more than probable generalization and price reduction... once there end the numerous problems of last hour that it has experienced. AMD has lost almost 4 months of advantage while the manufacturers were reaching the processes of certification of the DDR, especially in case of the most rapid DDR, the PC2100, to assure the compatibility with the diverse chipsets and between modules of different marks.
    But finally it seems that at the end of this month it will begin the manufacture in mass of memoirs and basic badges DDR (in the shops at the end of March?), six months before Intel finishes the Brookdale but still on time of recovering.
    What we do not know is how he thinks to avoid his agreement with Rambus not to use DDR in the Pentium 4, but Intel she is not any social climber in legal questions, and also it seems that the Federal Commission of Commerce of the USA (the FTC) might investigate Rambus for illegal appropriation of the intellectual property of the SDRAM and the DDR. For the time being it is a simple investigation, Rambus is innocent while the opposite is not demonstrated, but it does not look like good news...

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


2/10/2001: Rambus presents progress in his memory

    Rambus has presented in the ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference), celebrated these days in San Francisco, his recent advances as for the technologies Direct Rambus and QRSL in a few conferences.
    We are not going to enter details on how these new skills work, just to say that they represent a progress of the previous generation, but yes that it is necessary to bear in mind that the Rambus engineers (that meanwhile pleaded also they are, and they work very well) have managed to work with prototypes working to 2,6 transference GB/s, opposite to 1,6 current GB/s of the most rapid RDRAM (the PC800), and 2,1 GB/s of the DDR-SDRAM PC2100. This progress is obtained thanks to the progress of the circuits and extensions of the architecture.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


2/9/2001: Sega will stop making the Dreamcast

    Everything indicates that Sega will stop making his console Dreamcast on March 31. This explains, between other things, the descent of price that has suffered the console in the United States, being located on 100 $. This decision was already taken previously by the Japanese company in 1998 on having stopped making his console Saturn of 32 bits; it seems that this time will do the same with the Dreamcast users.
    Motives? It seems that one would be the injured economy for which the company happens in these moments; in fact, the proper Sega president has donated his actions to relieve the red numbers. But especially he emphasizes the scarce support that it has had of the games developers, something that his antecesora the Saturn suffered in its own "skin" and that constitutes the key so that a console triumphs on the market.
    And skylight, the fault of this absence of support has the PlayStation 2. To develop games is expensive and it seems that the companies have preferred to give his support to the PS2 of Sony rather than to the Dreamcast, although, although it looks like a lie, the Dreamcast is technically a Superior in enough aspects.
    This way, Sega will center on what it has done from his beginning: the games development. He says that it will keep on developing games for Dreamcast although it stops making it (we will see already) and of course it will do it also for the PS2. Not that to say has that the rumor on which Sega would make a card PCI with the hardware of the Dreamcast to play in ours compatible PCs has disappeared completely. And the fact is that for many Sega from now on she will be like a bad fiancée... (or fiancé).

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


2/7/2001: Good news for the Macintosh users (and those of PC...?)

    Apple will lower the prices of current PowerMac Cube. This decision corresponds to a too optimistic forecast on the sales of this model (that some of us in the writing consider to be very interesting and attractive, for not speaking about his entire silence for lacking fans).
    Apple thought that it would repeat the success of sales obtained with his scale iMac, so these prices clippings are a fruit of a commercial need for the American company. The clippings affect to the whole scale of the "bucket". The 500 MHz intermediate model , 30 GB of hard disk and 128 MB of SDRAM is located now in 1.999 $, a descent of price of approximately 300 $. Other models also experience a descent of approximately 300 $.
    On the other hand, on March 24 there will go on sale the esperadísimo operating system MacOS X ("10" is read). A system based on UNIX (like the Linux) that represents the whole technological advance both in technical services (protected memory, multitask pre-eventiva, dynamic advanced agent of virtual memory...) and in facility and elegance of handling thanks to his graphic interface Aqua. The truth is that we would need a few pages to speak about all this, these few lines give an impression almost desmerecida of a S.O. that will mark one earlier and one later.
    Apple hopes that the new system should impel the sales of his new teams. At least he knows of before hand that it is provided with the support of companies of software as important as Adobe, Macroaverage and Microsoft that will have available his programs optimized for the new S.O. Perhaps the moment is this to put a Mac in his life...

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News written for: Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship


2/6/2001: ATI presents his MOBILITY RADEON

    The ATI Canadians present his last "creature", the version for portable of his most powerful graphic chip, the RADEON, with which they already try to increase his of for themselves important market level on the market of portable, 57 % (as points out the proper ATI).
    With this new chip we will be able to enjoy all the potency of the chips 3D technology T&L in the portable computers, where, until now, the graphic paragraph has been undoubtedly the least elegant.
    The chip will offer support for 8 MB of memory and a very limited consumption, in addition to all the characteristics already observed in the version for dessert, like the compression Hyper-Z by hardware to improve the transferences with the graphic memory, the support of two monitors or the decompression of DVD for hardware.

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona


2/5/2001: Interested Transmeta in...: servants multiprocessor??!

    Dave Ditzel, one of the founders of Transmeta, has realized some more than surprising declarations The Register in which he makes sure that in a few months there might appear servants based on his famous microprocessor Crusoe.
    And the most surprising thing is that multiprocessor would talk each other of servants, but not with only with two mikes, but with four, eight, a dozen, fifty... The idea is not to use the technology SMP (symmetrical multiprocess) on which there are based most of the solutions multiprocessor current (like the cradles in mikes Intel), but an asymmetric technology MPP similar to that of the clusters (associate sets of PCs that can go so far as to be equal to a supercomputer).
    This architecture supposes less potency for microprocessor... but: for whom does it matter, if tens of them can settle? Also, some of the specific characteristics of the Crusoe would be very profitable, like his insignificant consumption (almost the hundredth part that the habitual mikes for servant), or his emulation for software of almost any architecture (use it today as if it was a team Sun, tomorrow as if it was an Itanium, the day after tomorrow like a Hammer...).
    A very ambitious bet and enormously complex, undoubtedly, but it is a question of a market in which the benefits are ENORMOUS, and do not have anything that to lose...

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News written for: Juan Herrerías


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