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Week from 4-2-2002 to 10-2-2002  

2/7/2002: NVIDIA GeForce4 (aha, "four")

    This number says everything. NVIDIA presents the graphic processor (or rather, family of graphic processors) more rapid than the market assined to all those users of PC, of Mac or of portable that need or want to obtain the maximum yield. And with new technologies as Accuview Antialiasing (AA) to obtain an ideal image quality, Lightspeed Memory Architecture II (LMA II) to improve the use of the memory and the fill-rate, or nView to improve the support multimonitor.

    The family GeForce4, really it extends, consists of the following members:

     - GeForce4 Ti 4600, with 136 million triangles processed per second, 4800 million téxels processed per second and a band of 10,4 GB / century
     - GeForce4 Ti 4400, with 125 million triangles processed per second, 4400 million téxels processed per second and a band of 8,8 GB / century
    These two models tell with up to 128 MB of memory, with an interface of memory of 128 bits DDR that it allows him to obtain a few marvelous yields in the above mentioned paragraph. Also, they use the engine nFiniteFX II, who allows to the developers to programme any effect that they wish to create the maximum possible realism. Really, although MUCH, MUCH FACES, these are the "certifications" GeForce4, based on the chip NV27.

     - GeForce4 MX 460, with 38 million triangles processed per second, 1200 million téxels processed per second and a band of 8,8 GB / century
     - GeForce4 MX 440, with 34 million triangles processed per second, 1100 million téxels processed per second and a band of 6,4 GB / century
     - GeForce4 MX 420, with 31 million triangles processed per second, 1000 million téxels processed per second and, after 2,7 lacks support for memory DDR, a too scarce band, scarcely GB / century
    This "MX" has up to 64 MB of memory and an exact relation quality / price... perhaps too much, so on having been based on the chip NV17, lacks almost all the characteristic programmable nFiniteFX, so that they do not support all the characteristics of the DirectX 8. They are rather some "Super - GeForce2 MX", lower than the GeForce3 Ti (based on the chip NV25).

     - GeForce4 440 Go
     - GeForce4 420 Go
    Two portable models, which are provided with characteristics to limit the energy consumption to the minimum (technology PowerMizer) and up to 500 million píxels (not téxels) processed per second, up to 30 million triangles processed per second and 8 GB/s like maximum memory band. More than in abundance for any portable one, the truth.
    Like every 4 ó 5 months, the question is: do I change my most expensive seminew graphic card? The answer depends on his economy and the state of computer obsession... but, in any case, we recommend to hope that the GeForce4 Ti 4600 and Ti 4400 should go down price, or try to find a GeForce3 Ti "of balance"; I was content with that one...

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News written for: Miquel Tarazona and Juan Herrerías


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