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Week from 11-2-2002 to 17-2-2002  

His publicity in CsH

2/17/2002: The DEFINITIVE death of 3dfx

    3dfx, the company that developed the famous graphic cards Voodoo, will rest in peace forever. As we can read (nearly time) in the web of 3dfx, the definitive death in practice of this company will take place on Tuesday, the 19th of February, moment in which the page will close, once the patents and all the developments are in hands of the one that was his big competitor and later buyer, NVIDIA.

    Fortunately, in one of the linkage of the above mentioned page ( we can see how some updates of the controlers keep on appearing (drivers) and other utilities on the part of some private users, which try to keep alive the spirit of these graphic cards...

    ... Because we do not deceive ourselves: it is possible that Microsoft keeps on incorporating "support" for these cards in his operating systems Windows, but the speed of some "drivers generic" hardly will be comparable to the one that can be obtained by little work, which does not think to realize NVIDIA. It seems that they do not know that one of "to enemy who flees, silver bridge"...

More information in:
NVIDIA acquires 3dfx!!

News written for: José Miguel Berenguel and Juan Herrerías


2/15/2002: SGI presents his new workstations to "only 600 MHz

    In times in which the processors of "consumption" run already for 2.000 MHz, Silicon Graphics (SGI) is proud of presenting his new scale based on the new MIPS R14000A, a microprocessor of 64 bits designed to offer a maximum yield in servants of high services, workstations and graphic supercomputers.

    Of course, we will not find these computers at individuals', but they are destined for professionals of the design, for governments (and his military men) and for scientific and industrial applications.

    With a consumption of scarcely 15 watts (4 times less than a Pentium 4 , being this one a mike of 32 bits) and 550 and 600 MHz speeds , the new microprocessor offers a yield progress to 1,6 GHz of up to 37 % with regard to the previous models Octane2 to 360 and 400 MHz; all this without price increase. Octane2 also it is provided with graphs of the hand of VPro V12, V10 and V6.

    Also the series of graphic systems SGI Fuel oil and SGI Onyx 3000, as well as the SGI Origin 3000 of servants will be provided with the new processor of MIPS, with increases in the yield of up to 20 % with regard to previous configurations. As well
Ace's Hardware indicates, it must be born in mind that, even in the lowest scale of SGI (Origin 3200, with the only and "ancient" MIPS R14000 to "only 500 MHz), his results SPEC CPU2000 are comparable to those of a Pentium 4 to 1,3 GHz... already it is known, not only of MHz they live through the computers.

More information in:
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Intel throws to the market his Itanium of 64 bits (finally!)
More rumors appear on the Hammer of 64 bits of AMD

News written for: Miquel Tarazona and Juan Herrerías


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