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Week of 25-2-2002 to 3-3-2002  

2/27/2002: IBM the most rapid semiconductor of the world announces the electronic circuit

    Demonstrating his leadership position in the manufacture and the design of semiconductors, IBM there is presenting in the Conference of Semiconductors Gorham Compound in San-Mateo (California) a new electronic circuit capable of working at a speed of more than 110 GHz (110.000 MHz).

    This circuit, which we might consider to be a "microprocessor of tests", has been made using the last technology of manufacture of chips, known as SiGe 8HP, that basically makes use of the electrical properties of the germanium and the silicon (hence his name) to obtain a major speed and a minor energy expense than in the traditional silicon chips.

    One hopes that the first commercial chips based on this technology should appear at the end of the same year. As for the use that can be given them, they emphasize those fields related to the communications, helping to increase the data transmission speeds in these tasks.

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News written for: José Miguel Berenguel and Juan Herrerías


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