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- The future of the memory: PC133, RDRAM, DDR...?

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- The ROUTE chipset for Pentium III

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Pentium III: an immature mike?

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Hardware for the summer - autumn 1999


The ROUTE chipset for Pentium III

ROUTE Apollo Pro 133

Bus up to 133 MHz

Bus memory up to 133 MHz

1,5 GB memory máx.

He supports PC133


AGP 2x (foreseen 4x)

To end, a small note on the ROUTE offer for the segment Pentium III: Apollo Pro 133. His characteristics are a miscellany of those of the BX and i820, with a "classic" architecture and without support for RDRAM; the AGP support 4x is in study, when the badges come to the market probably it is already incorporated (although it is not anything so miraculous either).

It is not an alternative of so high yield like i820 but it is not badly, especially if what we are going to use there are mikes Celeron or want to save a little in the motherboard without losing the support UltraDMA66, for example.


The first thing that comes to my mind is variety. We have never had such an open market, with many good mikes (Celeron, Pentium III, Pentium III Coppermine, AMD K6-3, AMD K7), so many types of memory (PC100, PC133, RDRAM, DDR...), so many chipsets... A wide offer between which to be able to choose is something wonderful, especially because it makes to lower the prices.

Second, it seems that the market of badges Socket 7 or Super 7, that of the family of mikes AMD K6-x, is suspended definitely and in retreat. His yield is not for anything badly, his price is very low... but the Celeron PPGA is equal of bargain sale and the AMD K7 is much better in all the aspects.

Will we see this logotype any day? It is a prank, eye...

As for this one novel K7 Athlon (athlete, athletic, of the Athlétic?), there is no doubt that it overcomes Pentium III and very probably to the binomial Pentium III Coppermine + i820, although for the time being it turns out to be almost impossible to find it. If AMD manages to make enough mikes and makes the friends adapted between the manufacturers of basic badges, there is no doubt that it will be an option to bear in mind. AMD-Inside, there we go...

The topic of the memory RDRAM seems more these millstones than Intel wants to make us swallow as it is, although it seems that for the time being the PC133 has gained the battle (that not the war). And I would not be surprised that in the end, the champion was the DDR-SDRAM (that exists already to 266 MHz, or what is the same: with a band of 2,1 GB/s, more than the 800 MHz RDRAM).

The chipset i820 seems interesting, although he does not also believe that the yield is going to be much major than with a BX or ZX, unless he installs a graphic card AGP 4x monstrously rapid and a hard disk UltraDMA66 to 7.200 rpm. In any case, remember that a computer with all his components of upper intermediate quality is always better that one with an incredibly rapid component only one.

And as for i810, I do not recommend it to him any more that to the clerks, and only if (A) it is a question of the version DC100, (B) it includes support of UltraDMA66 - it is optional - and (C) it goes out cheaper than a ZX or BX. In any other case it is not advisable at all to buy a chipset that the video checker does not allow to update, much less nor to install in him an expensive mike as it is Pentium III (something that I see lately and that puts me the spiky hairs).

Very well, that is quite. As he was saying earlier, prepare for an autumn - winter movidito...


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