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Essentials of the update of computers


So much if he thinks to mount a computer from zero, as if he wants to install a sound card or a new hard disk, it is convenient that it bears in mind certain precautions and ways of acting, it is not that for 5.000 labor pts save themselves it ends up by spending 20.000 in a new badge or mike...


Necessary material

First of all he will need:

  • a screwdriver of top of star (also called Philips) of average or big size, for the screws of the casing and those that hold the cards of expansion;
  • flat screwdrivers in several sizes, from way up to small someone of not more from 2 to 3 mm wide (of the called ones "of watchmaker's");
  • tweezers to handle the "jumpers" and to come to places of difficult access;
  • material of writing (pad, pen).

Likewise, it would not come badly that had other tools like:

  • a tester or multímetro, preferably digital, to verify the voltages and amperages of the power supply and the peripheral others;
  • pelacables and/or chopper (cutter);
  • electronics welder (only for experts in his use);
  • pliers or pincers (although it is not desirable, sometimes there does not stay any more remedy than them to use...);
  • any other thing that occurs to him: monkey wrench, electrical cables with tweezers, paper clips (yes, of those of office), rapid extra glue, metal sheets... It is never known what is going to be useful!


Fundamental advices

Or, if he prefers it, the Orders of the Update. If there happens to him some misfortune that is not foreseen here: I start myself the beard!, as would say captain Haddock.

    An environment of AUTHENTICALLY HORRIBLE work
  • Work comfortably, with sufficient time and space.
    The hurries and discomfort are bad advisers; one look for a calm and wide table and insure from that nobody is going to need it at several hours (remember: it is never known!). Have everything to hand and do not leave the things in unstable balances; they will fall down, I insure it myself.
    So that there should be done an idea of everything what it must not do, he observes the attached photo. Unfortunately it is a note of the native to which I am completely guilty, but understand it: 6 hours looking for a false contact are many hours...
  • The electricity is dangerous; extinguish it.
    I do not refer that works in the dark, skylight; I refer that disconnects all the power cutoff points (that of the mainframe computer, that of the monitor, that of the printer and the peripheral others). In the most unexpected moment there can take place a change of tension or a short circuit and...
  • The static electricity is even more dangerous.
    Does he remember the last time that had an attack of cramp on having gone down the car or to tread on a carpeting? Since for a computer it would have been like the electrical chair. Do not work on carpeting, and unburden of statics on having begun working and from time to time.
    For it, or he buys to himself an antistatic special bracelet or does what all: touch the soil, a radiator, shelves or metallic table and the casing of the computer, in this order more or less, and pray because it is sufficient.
  • Work with enough light.
    Preferably with natural light, and have to hand an adjustable table-lamp or a lantern for the most recondite areas.
  • Do not begin working up to having any skylight.
    Moreover, do not buy anything up to having it the clearest; it will be avoided to realize in full task that he needs this or that one so cheap but that not now it does not have, or that he lacks space or has an incompatibility, or what I.
  • Aim at everything what it should do and the information that it obtains.
    For example, if it is going to change a hard disk, note how and to what was it connected, how there were the jumpers, what his configuration was in the BIOS (although it seems that it is the same than in the sticker of the disc!)... Better than on information to which it is missing.
  • Be soft with the material.
    It is much more fragile than it seems, or at least it must act as if it was. Do not force it, do not strike it and do not squash any condenser (these cylinders with legs) when it introduces cards of expansion. Also, do not do excessive pressure on the motherboard, it would double it and would break the circuits (sometimes without seeing where); if you must press more normal thing, put a polyurethane piece in the back so that it supports in him with gentleness.
  • If you do not know what is doing, do not do it.
    Be modest: one report, read the manual again, read these pages, look for information in Internet, call a friend or ask in the shop. In the long run it will gain time and especially it will not lose money; if you do not manage to clear up, do not do stupidities: in the shop they will install it to themselves, and will not charge from him too much.

Summing up: believe heartily in the Law of Murphy and act consequently. For those who do not know the above mentioned law, there a few statements go:

  • The toast will always fall down for the side of the butter.
  • If something can go out badly, it will go out badly.
  • Nothing is ever so bad as so that it could not deteriorate.
  • The disorder of a system always tends to increase with the time.

The last one of these statements is of dark and thermodynamic origin, although I tremble to think what my teacher of Thermodynamics would say if it should myself enunciating it this way...


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