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To install a motherboard


Electrical connector Baby-AT
Electrical connector ATX

6. - Connect all the cables and the cards of expansion. Pay special attention to the feeding connector: in the ancient badges Baby-AT it is divided in two pieces, so that the black cables must remain faced in the center; in the modern badges ATX the position of the connector, only one, it is given by the form of his contacts.
Detail of the indication of pin number 1 of the interface cable of a hard disk
Detail of the indication of pin number 1 of the connector of hard disk in a motherboard


Align the red stripe of the cables of diskette and hard disk with the pin number 1 of the corresponding connector, which position will be indicated by a child "1" and/or an arrow serigrafiados in the motherboard; do all this with the manual of the badge at sight and following his indications exactly.

Detail of the connectors for leds, ignition ATX, etc., of a motherboard
Detail of the connectors and cables for leds, ignition ATX, etc.


Do not forget to connect the cables for connection of the source ATX, reset, leds of ignition, turbocharger (this one of little or no utility) and hard disk, etc., as well as the warning screen of the speed in MHz if it exists (again completely incidental, but resultón), in addition to the connector of the internal loudspeaker or speaker.


7. - Without closing the box, verify everything again, connect the feeding and the monitor, pray if it is believing (you forgive for the irreverence, but any help is small in this point) and light the computer.

Pay attention to possible strange whistles (continued, in leaps and bounds...), as well as in view of the hard disk and the disk drive and to the screen of the monitor, I hope salt the typical messages of the BIOS or it remains black; observe also if the fan of the mike turns.

Installing the panel of the motherboard in the casing


8. - If everything went well to the first one (allow to me to doubt it respectfully, the Law of Murphy is the queen of these topics), close the box and read the following paragraph dedicated to the adjustments of the BIOS and the others. If something failed, go to the Problems section. If it even went so far as to start his operating system without apparent mistakes, do not rely; keep on reading just in case...


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