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To install a motherboard

His publicity in CsH



I will wander humanum est... and sometimes it is not even a fault of the implied human being. Here there goes a drummer of possible problems, who unfortunately cannot contemplate all the possible ones:


The box does not serve!!

Or the keyboard connector does not fit in his place, or the anchoring screws are where they have not to... Since it costs, but this is not a problem; it is something foreseeable and inevitable if the computer is of mark or of design. Buy another box, or do the necessary holes!! (that thing about the holes is a prank, do not be a beast).


The computer does not do anything (or the black screen is)!!

First of all, do not become hysterical. Verify that:

  • Has it connected it? Also the monitor and the graphic card?
  • Did it connect the feeding to the badge? Did it do it correctly? If it is not like that: run to disconnect!
  • Did it put the mike in the correct position? Did it form his jumpers? Included those of voltage? If it is not like that: extinguish, rapidly!
  • And is the memory also well? Is it of the correct type, model and speed? Is it where it has to? In general it must go firstly in a few sockets and then in others; in badges Pentium, it usually goes of 2 in 2 equal modules...
  • Really has he verified everything so far? Since do it again!!
  • Try to erase the content of the memory CMOS of the BIOS by means of the corresponding jumper (I consulted the manual to know which is).
  • Will not it be that the memory or the mike cannot be used in his badge? One reports again.
  • Try with other memoirs or mikes.
  • Call his friend "the enterao".
  • Leave it. Take it to a specializing shop.


The computer whistles!!

Houston, it seems that we have a problem... of memory probably. First of all, I observed the screen. If it is black, go to the previous paragraph; if not:

  • Read the messages of the screen. If they indicate him problems of connections (lacking in keyboard, disc, etc), check them, always with the subdued computer.
  • If you do not say anything to him, look at the inventory of memory (that of the test and that of the BIOS, if it is that it can come to her). Begin again if he needs.
  • If the memory quantity is much minor than the installed one (if there are missing 2 MB or more), we have a problem of memory. If it is like that, read further down on memory mistakes.
  • It can be an incompatibility with something (memory, mike, cards of expansion...). Disconnect the unnecessary cards and try again. Try with other memoirs or mikes.
  • Leave it. Take it to a specializing shop.


Memory mistakes!!

Since not at all, feed him a few raisin rabitos and... I say, no; better:

  • Check if it is connected correctly.
  • Check in the manual if it is connected where it has to and with the form that it owes (not all the sockets are equal they must not even fill randomly; in some PCs as those with classic Pentium, Pentium MMX and Pentium 4, in general goes of 2 in 2 equal modules between themselves).
  • Is it of the type and speed adapted? Some badges with chipset VX and TX only admit certain sizes and thickness of chips of memory...
  • Exchange the modules between themselves. Change them of place. Prove only with few ones, then with the others, then all.
  • Try with other memoirs.
  • Really has he verified everything so far? Since do it again!!
  • Leave it. Take it to a specializing shop.


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