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DFI AK76-SN: DDR-SDRAM at a reasonable price

His publicity in CsH


For descriptions like this one, it will have to consult the electronic version of the manual - Copyright of the image DFI Inc.

The manual...: or the manuals?

The box of the AK76-SN includes a manual in role and electronic other, in format PDF, inside the utilities CD - ROM. The electronic manual is excellent: 76 pages that explain all the aspects hardware and software of the installation, remaining very close to the style "manual for idiots" of ABIT. Of course, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is included by if we still do not have it.

... And the problems? Well, now we go. The manual in role, although it comes in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish), is a limited version of the previous one; more than in abundance for an experienced fitter or "wide-awake" someone, but not much less perfect.

In any case, if he knows English I do not believe that he needs to consult the electronic version. How, was not it coming also in Spanish? Bueeeno... more or less. The graphs are not translated and the translation to Spanish automatic translator seems realized by a program... and this way it has gone out. Not everything is like this pearl: "he reads the capacity back that presents the temperature, voltage and speed of the fan", but there are too many phrases for the style as to turn out to be really useful.


Installation, jumpers, overclocking...

The AK76-SN is not a badge "without jumpers". In some cases it is possible to install it without touching any of these connectors, but probably let's must change the position of someone. Photo of two groups of switches DIP of the DFI AK76-SN

The most important jumpers of this badge are a set of three that are in the center, to control the bus speed. His position by defect is prepared for 200 MHz mikes; if it is a question of one of the new Athlon of 266 MHz, we will have to change them (yes, the 3) to another position. We go, a foolery, but it must be fixed in it.

Once chosen this bus speed "of game", we will be able to modify it in the BIOS, of MHz in MHz (which is not badly at all). If the jumpers indicate "100 MHz", we will be able to select values between 100 and 132 MHz; if they indicate "133 MHz", we will be able to select between 133 and 166 MHz.
Table of configuration of the switches DIP for multiplier control in the DFI AK76-SN

As for the multiplier and the voltage, they are controlled by switches DIP. His position for defect is that of "automatic"; if we want to change them to realize overclockings serious, we will have to consult the classic combinations table "On/Off/Off/On..." (after the multiplier unblocks with the already well-known trick, skylight).

We go, it is not so comfortable as a control in the BIOS, but there are not also things that change every day (or yes?) and it seems to work very well. Of that we take time in this, almost it us looks like to someone a return to the hearth...

The installation of the software does not have any special difficulty: to introduce the CD - ROM, to pulsate in almost all of them always "Accepting" that they appear... anyway, that thing about. If he wants, it can unload of Internet the most recent drivers, but neither it is essential.

Certainly, the BIOS includes an option to extinguish the team if a certain temperature is reached in the mike. A characteristic of clear importance, but not seldom forgotten by the manufacturers.


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