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Publicity in CsH  

Do you sell hardware or software? Does it repair computers? Does he teach or realizes any other activity related to the computer science? If it is recognized in some of these cases, or if simply he wants to promote some project in Internet, our pages are at his disposal...

With a few very accessible tariffs: from only 3 euros for every 1.000 visualizations of his announcement (minimal hiring of 25.000 visualizations, that is to say, minimum for 75 euros, approximately 85 $). Also it can hire a certain space during a fixed time, independently of the number of visualizations. And if you have a hardware shop, very probably we will accept the payment "in kind": memoirs, processors, graphic cards, etc.

The announcements can be placed on the principal page, in the principal sections, in the last articles, in the last news or in specific pages to election of the client; the costs will change according to the elected option, of course.

If he has not proper web page, it can use a space on our pages for a small supplement. Likewise, we can realize the necessary web pages and/or the announcement, quite to a cost much minor than he thinks.

As for technical specifications, the announcements will be able to be "banners" of 468 x 60 píxels (breadth x high), that will go placed in preferable places of the pages; or "buttons" of 120 x 120 píxels, that are located well visible in the left margin; these have a discount of 20 %. It is recommended the size of the file (GIF or JPEG) not to exceed from 15 to 20 KB.

To request more information (detailed costs, available, statistical pages, payment methods...), please write to the following e-mail address: - Sitemap - Contact us Best website of 2009 & 2010 voted by us are:
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