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Navigator ARACHNE

What is Arachne?

It is a question of an Internet navigator for TWO, with a few truly minimal requisites: an any PC with TWO, with graphic card EGA, VGA, SVGA... It has telephone scoreboard, protocol PPP, e-mail... Realized for xChaos, an absolutely brilliant Czech programmer.

Requisites of the program

The same xChaos proposes the following list, translated (of English, not of the Czech, skylight) for me:


Needed (minimum)


Operating system

Two 3.3

Two 6 +, OS/2 3 +, OpenDOS 7 +


80x86 compatible

80386 + or any machine virtual TWO

Memory TWO

420 KB, 550 KB if the PPP included in the program is used

640 KB and QEMM or EMM386

Memory (widespread) XMS

0 MB, 1 MB if possible

4 MB (he cannot gain access to any more; use rest of his memory as cache memory of hard disk)


SVGA if possible

Direct support for TRIDENT, PARADISE, etc. For others, driver included VESA

SVGA memory

512 KB

1 MB (for 1024x768)

SVGA resolution


800x600x256, 1024x768x256

Space of Hard disk

2 MB

5 + MB for HTTP I caught, to use cache memory of memory (SmartDrive) or RAM disc



any standard mouse



any standard driver

Internet scoreboard


PPP with PAP or login script autentificación



Any modem series of 14400 + bps

In practice, to sail along Internet with a certain serviceability, the ideal thing 386 would be with 2 ó 4 MB of RAM and videocard VGA, in addition to mouse (and modem, skylight). Anyway, to see pages "off-line" (without Internet connection) or if one is not in a lot of hurry, 286 with 1 MB and card EGA is more than in abundance, especially if there is deactivated the visualization of images (way text).

Eye, it does not admit (for the time being) videocards Hércules, although it is in project; CGA yes allows, although in way text (more than sufficient, for example, to read the e-mail). Certainly, in the table "+" it means "or Superior", skylight.

"Pantallazos" of the program

Very well, he will wonder: but does it work? Since the truth is that very well; and if you do not believe it, observe this:

Pantallazo of the program

(VESA; resolution 1.024x768 to 256 colors; reproduced to half of the original size)

Although on "worse" screens it does not go badly either; also, it has a way to "finished screen" in spite of only pulsating F5 in any moment:

Pantallazo of the program

(EGA; resolution 640x350 to 16 colors; original size to finished screen)

I boast (?)

NOW IT IS ALMOST FREE!!! Very well, BE free for PERSONAL, not commercial USO. It keeps on being Shareware, what means that it is possible to try free during a time (in this case, 30 days) and if we like and want to preserve it, we must pay. But also, now we it can keep on using all the time that let's want if it is going to be only for our personal use.

I suppose that to order the Czech police to stop a pair of amoral users in Spain was too complicated. But, please, if he is interested in the program for commercial uses, there are only 30 dollars (at present), which is a misery. Bear in mind that xChaos is not "Bill Gates, the richest man of the world", but a young Czech who needs money to live; if it does not gain it with the program, it will have to do another thing, which would be a pity.

Also, for hospitals, universities, etc., it keeps on being free. It is enough to have the detail of warning him by E-mail.


FABULOUS. AMAZING. FANTASTIC. Like little. I would say that it is between the Netscape 2.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and the last versions of both, as in what things. Only he suffers a little as for the images JPEG: the quality is good, but the support is external to the program: it lowers them, turns them into BMP in the cache memory and presents them for screen, process that sometimes takes his time.

Otherwise, it has OF QUITE, including mail; it covers in TWO (even in a XT 8086, but with objections, especially if we want it to sail connected and with images), it uses EGA, VGA...; it is free (the Internet Explorer is and has been free... at least while Microsoft does not sink to the competition); it is easy to form (almost more than if it was in Windows 95)... 10!!

How to obtain it

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