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Navigator ARACHNE

How to obtain it

Internet route, of course. The current standard version of the Arachne (1.4 beta 2) occupies almost 1 MB, which is equivalent to a certain time to lower it (concerning 5 minutes with a modem 33.600, if everything goes to the perfection), but it is not an enormity.

The official Arachne direction is:, from which they can gain access to several servants to lower it, quite rapid, under the epigraph "Download page" (for the few ones not initiated in English who still do not know what the above mentioned difficult words mean).

From there you can gain access to a page in Spanish who explains the program (well for xChaos!), although I warn you that it departs from the information it seems incorrect (or not updated); especially:

  • VGA indicates that Arachne does not support images in EGA not: false, I have proved it (even with an authentic EGA still alive in 386; of AMD, not of Intel, certainly);
  • it indicates that he does not support cards CGA: I believe that yes it does it; I have not had occasion to prove it with an authentic CGA (yes with emulation for software), but the program offers it, and looks like CGA; of course, only text.

Otherwise, one is grateful for the effort to offer a page in Spanish; by the way: you where would they find anybody who was doing a page to them in Czech?

Installation and configuration

The simplest; in 4 steps:

  1. there bends the file (a tablet EXE autoexpandible) and is copied to the directory that let's want (in general, C:\ARACHNE). Do not worry very much for virus (my computers are still alive, I swear it to him), but if it can scan it, better;
  2. it is executed, expanding and offering help texts. Of course: NEVER EXECUTE ARACHNE UNDER WINDOWS 95. Yes it can do it in "Way MSDOS", for example pulsatingF8 on having started the computer;
  3. we mess about SETUP and answer to three questions: type of computer (rapid, very rapid or slow), type of virtual memory (better XMS, extended, although the XT - or "8086" - and the AT - or "286" - cannot always use it; if not, EMS - expanded - or hard disk) and type of videocard. For an explanation on the "virtual memory", go to the Dictionary and look "virtually";
  4. we load the mouse if we have it (to see NOTE 1), we enter the program (messing about ARACHNE), and we go to the page "SETUP.HTM". We select a controler PPP (the first one is a very good option) and we refill the fields with the information of our provider.
For example, if his information was:

User's name: peperuiz
Password: tururú (that will be seen ******, to preserve secretly the foolery)
Direction assigned by the servant (the normal thing)
Direction IP of the provider:
Connection for Infovía (phone 055)
Modem in COM2 of 33.600 bauds, which one will communicate with the computer to 115.200 bps (to see NOTE 2)
Ancient line of phone, of pulses (I touched Dial)

Pantallazo 1 of the setup of the DOSPPPD with the information example Pantallazo 2 of the setup of the DOSPPPD with the information example

After which the program is already formed. Now, whenever let's want to get connected, we go to the page of the telephone scoreboard, "PPP_INIT.HTM" (an icon exists for it, as for almost quite), and: to sail!

Pantallazo of the page of telephone scoreboard with the information example

Tricks and advices

If this fantastic program has decided to bend, I recommend to him the following thing:

  • If you can choose, try to use a specific controler for his card VGA, instead of the standard; or try with the drivers VESA, which offer even 1.024x768 points of resolution (if his monitor supports it, skylight is);
  • Prove the utility of the Office (Desktop), accessible by means of one of the icons, or gaining access straight to the page "HOME.HTM";
  • On this page, go to Options to perfect the behavior of the program (for example, not to load images automatically in 286);
  • Do not hesitate to use the way to finished screen (pulsatingF5), especially on screens EGA; to go out of the program, touchEsc or use the icon of the Xth;
  • Play the most possible thing with the program; kitchen boy in all the icons, prove everything. The program is very hard, and if it is loaded it can reinstall it in minutes. Enjoyment!

It notices 1: on mouse's controlers

Since we will be in TWO, the controler to be used must be one for the above mentioned environment. If you have TWO (MS TWO, DR-DOS, etc), a file will be a type " MOUSE.COM " or " MOUSE.EXE ", which it is necessary to execute before entering Arachne.

Also it is possible that it has someone more or less specializing for his mouse (especially if it is of mark). If you only have Windows 95, it is possible that it does not have any controler for mouse in TWO (amazing: truth?); look in Internet, ask a friend or the mouse does not use...

It notices 2: on modem speeds

The modem, which speed measures itself in bauds (or bps), they communicate with the computer at different speeds from face-value, which is the one that they use "to speak" telephone route to him.

For example, a modem to 33.600 bauds communicates even to 115.200 with the computer; to reach this speed, the chip of the port series (the "UART") must be like a minimum 16550.

If you possess the more ancient one, like 8250 and even 16450, he will not be able to make use to the maximum of the capacities of a more rapid modem of 14.400 bps, unless the above mentioned modem is internal and with your own rapid UART.

That's why, I verified the UART of his computer (if 386 is 286 ó, almost do not even bother; it will be 8250) and there thinks of buying a new checker (approximately 1.500 pts, although sometimes it takes his time to find them) or a modem with a modern UART. If he wants to know more on the modem, pulsate here.

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