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What computer to buy for...


For offices

Although it looks like a lie, there are the cheapest and less demanding computers. His use will be ofimático, therefore type Windows will be employed with processors of text, spreadsheets, accounting, etc., at environments Me, sometimes Windows 2000 or XP (the ancient NT).

The "Economic" model of the basic configuration is more that in abundance for these tasks, but pay attention to:

  • Memory: as always, all that more, better. And of course, at least of the type PC133 (SDRAM to 133 MHz); even if the mike does not need it, it will be allowed to him to update in the future.
  • Motherboard: avoid the chipsets Intel 810 and 810E with integrated video, unless he thinks to install a card Voodoo3 PCI (a little on the other hand unnecessary in these teams).
    The ideal thing, a chipset ROUTE, SiS, ALi or Intel 815EP; or the Intel 815 and 815E, that have integrated video but they allow to install cards AGP.
  • Monitor: he is worth buying it of 17 ", I make sure him that the difference is evident: it will see more information on screen (it allows 1.024x768 ó even 1.152x864 points), will work more rapid and the sight will get tired less.
  • Printer: think very seriously if he needs to use color in his documents, or if rather it is a caprice. The laser printers are thought for office works, and although initially they should cost more than those of ink, in the long run it saves itself in consumable and gains him time, serviceability and up to silence.

Like up to the WORST computer that sells nowadays it is very superior to the necessary thing for this segment, pay attention especially to questions like guarantee, service, marks, technical details (quality of the monitor, e.g.)...

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For domestic use

It is a question of computers that will be used, especially, to enjoy. This means to play, to sail along Internet, to see CD educational-ROMs, to play small other... And, in rare occasions, to make something more serious like a school work.

Do not deceive itself: to play in a PC is something very expensive, and what he buys it will be ancient before they deliver it to themselves. A good computer for games, which lasts a pair of years, costs the double that a PlayStation + a good second-hand computer + a games fistful. You decide...

If he decides on a PC, I recommend to him the "Recommended" model of the basic configuration, and if one can allow it he would recommend him also:

  • Motherboard: of course, do not buy one with 810 and 810E with integrated video; his there is a chipset AMD, SiS, ROUTE or ALi (if it is for Athlon Socket A, better still one with support of memory DDR) or in any case an AMD, or Intel 815 and 815E (although NEVER in accordance with the checker of video that they have integrated, he installs a good card AGP), or an Intel 815EP.
  • Graphic card: undoubtedly, the most important element in this class of computers. As one will need minimum with 16 MB of memory and a chip type TNT2, Voodoo3 3000, ATI Rage 128 or Matrox Millennium G400/G450; if one can allow it, a little type TNT2 Ultra or GeForce2 MX200. But never the TNT2 M64, it is completely antiquated and is slower enough than the normal TNT2.
    The GeForce256 went on already to better life (even the excellent DDR); the ideal thing the GeForce2 MX or the MX400 would be, of unbeatable relation quality / price, much more reasonable than the most expensive (and powerful, skylight) GeForce2 GTS, Pro and Ultra; a KYRO II, like Hercules 3D Prophet 4500, would be even better, or an ATI RADEON, although it will depend on the price to which it obtains them.
    Ah, a thing: bear in mind that the memory quantity is not for anything a direct indicative of the speed, a Savage4 with 32 MB would not be by no means comparable to a Voodoo3 3000 with "only 16 MB...

Bearing in mind that the game computer was not any toy, little we have to improve here, how it is not the graphic card; for approximately 5.000 ó 10.000 ptas additional (more VAT) the quantity of potency that it will obtain is really impressive.

And if it is slightly cursory of money and this configuration leaves of his plans, remember that a good graphic card is much more valuable than the mike, so Duron can install an AMD, or like extreme case a Celeron.

To study in depth the topic of the buys, consult in the margin the Related Topics.


For CAD and graphs

They are ordering with very concrete needs, quite easy to indicate although not so much of paying. His price is high, and even exhorbitant if high services love, without coming not from background to what was seen in Titanic (the whole ship sailing was of lie: ship, persons, waves...).

We will consider computers adapted for works 2D or 3D not very complex, for studies of architects or engineers, or for "normal" graphic design (without video edition, for example). If you have major needs, his the world PC is not, but the workstations seriously.

Good, saying this, his game model cannot be the different but the "Luxurious one", which although it is a question of the whole PC, undoubtedly can be improved in any aspects:

  • Microprocessor: it is a key piece in these teams, up to the point of that if he wishes a really exceptional yield can install two Pentium III in a dual motherboard (perfect to reduce the render times in 3D); this dual option exists already also for the Athlon, although it is not very widespread (a pity, they are even more rapid).
  • Motherboard: bearing in mind to what there is going to dedicate the PC, undoubtedly a chipset ROUTE, AMD, SiS or ALi or an Intel 815E (of course, installing a graphic card AGP of quality); if the badge is for two mikes, a ROUTE or, although it looks like a lie, a "very old" BX. The Intel 820 is not badly... but only with the most expensive memory Rambus (and if he wants to throw the money, in my opinion).
  • Hard disk: if a model with speed of draft of 7.200 rpm does not seem still sufficient to him (a lot of care, which "UltraDMA100" is not for anything synonymous of high draft speed, the majority only they turn 5.400 rpm), a hard disk SCSI can help him to scratch a few seconds extra... for a rather high price, eye.
  • Monitor: it is more important, especially for the big investment that he supposes and for serving forever. Of mark, good, with 3 years of guarantee and like minimum of 19 " and capable of offering at least 75 ó 80 Hz to 1.280x1.024 points.
  • Extra:
    • Pure operating system of 32 bits, like Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional or Linux, neither nothing of Windows 98 nor ME, if he wants to save that it is in another aspect. Also, he lacks support for multiprocessor, therefore if he buys a dual badge the second mike is going to be frankly rested...
    • Device of massive storage (necessary for file and safety copies). As typical example, a tape recorder of CDs, but in the Storage section there are many others.
    • Ploter, tablet digitalizadora... and slightly more important than it seems: the casing of the computer. Buy one in format toast or supertoast (of those that rest on the soil) and of the best quality that they have in the shop, with a power supply of at least 250W.

Due to the multiple options that exist, we are not going to quantify the cost of this progress; in any case, bear in mind that if the only thing that is going to draw apartments plants are in 2D, all these things come to him big... except the monitor, of that it never remains.

To study in depth the topic of the buys, consult in the margin the Related Topics.


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