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How and where to buy


If you checked other points with advices on buys, probably already have a good idea of what he must buy; nevertheless, now the most awkward part comes: the buy in itself. Clonal or of mark? To measurement or "pret to porter"? And the guarantee? And the VAT? Many questions that some answers deserve.

Certainly, the specific names of marks and shops that happen are not a secret publicity (not to the egg whites). There are mere examples or advices, without another value than my experience, the vox populi and the coincidence. Be skeptical, believe your own opinion.


Clonal or of mark?

It is a question of one of the fundamental questions of every computers buyer. First of all, let's define the word clonal, so many times insulted, as as it appears in our own Dictionary of the Hardware:

clonal: computer mounted from pieces of third manufacturers, in which technology contributed by the assembler does not exist; also so called "assembled computer". (...)

And so, the definition does not imply any consideration about the quality or yield of the clonal computer; simply he limits himself to stating the origin of his components. You might do a clonal one yourself in his house, and if you were choosing the best pieces of the market it would have a clonal marvelous one, with nothing that to envy to a mark computer.

Obviously, with a definition since the previous one deduces immediately that the clonal ones can have commercial mark, how not. For "of mark" we understand a computer in which the manufacturer contributes part of the technology that exists in the computer (it is something more than a "assembler of quality"). We go, an IBM, Compaq, HP, Dell...

The advantages of the computers of mark are usually:

  • quality controls superior to those of the clonal ones, many minor computers valuation with origin mistakes;
  • they usually bring instructions of use and installation for neophytes in the computer science;
  • to contribute special services, like long guarantees, phones of consultation or repair in the domicile of the buyer;
  • homogeneous components quality, with specific election for his future use.

The advantages of the clonal ones:

  • price much minor than of those of mark;
  • to offer configurations to measurement, opposite to solutions closed on the part of those of mark;
  • components standard, opposite to proprietary solutions in those of mark (that are more expensive and difficult his enlargement).

It is up to you to value the importance of the different concepts. Many people base his decision on terms merely economic, with what there is no doubt that he will buy a clonal one. Others look for maximum reliability and attention to the client costs what it costs (sometimes very much), so they will choose one of mark. In general, the election is complex.

Any way remember these two maxims:

  • buy what he needs, not "the only thing that they offer me" (adapted for those persons who are going to buy a mark computer and it do not find with 128 MB, or with monitor of 17 "... Go to another shop, look more, but do not swallow for "it is the only thing that we have");
  • do not look for five-peseta coins to three pesetas (adapted for those who set to buy a clonal one choose the most vulgar, mean shop and without added services; the clonal ones are cheaper, but suspect in the shops of clonal even more bargain sales).


Where to buy

It will depend, obviously, on if it is a question of a clonal one or a computer of mark. The first ones, in the corresponding shop; the second ones, in big surfaces, shops of clonal of mark (PC City, ADL...) or across the proper manufacturer.

For that they go for a computer of mark, a lot of care; take the lesson well learned from house, do to get involved. In the big surfaces, the formation (and in some cases up to the good faith) is usually low or void to the sellers, with the most honorable exceptions, of course.

Read magazines, study our paragraph of What computer to buy for..., or take a well-informed friend (really, not a listillo). If he wants (and he should want) a monitor of 17 ", not in accordance with one of 15, for good that is; if he needs 128 MB of RAM, there does not take 64 (not even much less 32). Be informed about the guarantees, and demand to see in writing everything what could. If he does not like who attends to him, váyase or look for another clerk. A mark computer is an expensive buy; be right in it.

For that they want a clonal computer, because of money or for that it is, the question has two parts: to choose the shop (the most difficult thing) and the buy in itself.

The shops of clonal computers are quite volatile; nobody makes sure him that they will exist tomorrow (good, with IBM neither, but it is more probable). Flee of the too small ones, as it is not because it does not have other one to hand or because the service is exquisite. Be fixed if they make or not publicity great (symptom of which they move money, which not of good service), or look for positive critiques in magazines (if it is not made fond, ask a friend for his collection).

If he does not realize it well, go to a chain of shops (Beep, Jump, KM, Vobis...) where they assure the guarantee of the computer to him in all the shops, although there should close his (demand this in writing in the invoice, nothing of word), or there should go to a shop of clonal of mark (EI System, ADL...) that is to say, one of confirmed prestige that moves a lot of money. Both solutions are very similar and more expensive, but more soothing.

As for the buy in itself of a clonal computer, it changes so much like the proper offer of clonal; I recommend to him to keep on reading on the following page, with the idea in mind of applying these advices with so much more all that disciplines less confidence give him the shop (and never trust very much...).


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