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Juan Herrerķas Rey

Pentium III: an immature mike?

Hardware summer - autumn 1999 - Basic Badges

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Coppermine: Pentium III EB/E


The yield

The first thing that we must establish is if really Pentium III Coppermine are superior to current Pentium III, and of being like that as soon as. Fortunately, the proper Intel offers us sufficient information in his web site to solve this question:

Comparative graph of Pentium III in the test Business Winstone 99 of ZD Inc. - Source Intel Co.

IT NOTICES: the models FC-PGA (500E and 550E) use a motherboard of different manufacturer
that other mikes, although with the same chipset and very similar characteristics.
Details of the tests and available configurations

Since we see, in the most usual applications (Office, Netscape, etc) the new Pentium are approximately:

  • models B: a 1,6 % more rapids than current Pentium III;
  • models E: 4,1 % more rapid than current Pentium III;
  • models EB: 5,1 % more rapid than current Pentium III.

The tests have been realized in basic badges that use the chipset i810E, slightly advisable for his scarce graphic potency but precisely for ideal it to squeeze to the maximum to the mikes; the used memory has been PC100, therefore the models B and EB perhaps would improve a little his punctuations with memory PC133 or RDRAM.

Using more "professional" applications and Windows NT the thing scarcely changes, although there is evident a small increase of the use of the new characteristics and in general - even in original Pentium III - a major speed.

AMD K7 Athlon

What does not turn out to be already so simple is to determine what mike is more rapid, if Pentium III Coppermine (And or EB, clearly the B is not anything of another world) or the AMD K7 Athlon. Fortunately, this big teacher who is Tom Pabst of yes has compared them, thanks to which we can know that:

  • the Athlon is 6,9 % more rapid than the most powerful Coppermine, the EB, in normal applications (test SYSmark 98: Word, PowerPoint, CorelDRAW, Netscape, Photoshop...);
  • the Athlon is up to 38 % more rapid in mathematical calculations ("test": images renderizadas in 3D Studio Max under Windows NT 4), although in games the difference can diminish very much depending on the graphic card and of the game in particular.

These tests were not also realized by RDRAM but with PC133, for what perhaps the difference between the Athlon and the Coppermine is a little minor, although in mathematical calculations there is no any doubt that the Athlon is at present the best existing mike for PC.


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