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© Juan Herrerías
© Miguel Tarazona Belenguer
© Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship

Copyrights, legal Information and Recognition


Beginning declaration

The authors (who are, principally, Miguel Tarazona Belenguer, Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship, and the principal author, Juan Herrerías Rey, being indicated the concrete responsibility in every article or news) realize these pages with the best faith and without hostility towards any companies or products commented in the same ones. The target that is claimed by these pages is to give a vision as faithful as possible of the reality of the world of the hardware of the PC, although without resigning from certain passion and emulation of criticism, in any case constructive and protected in the freedom of expression and opinion.

The expressed comments are based on multitude of information gathered from diverse means, generally Internet and specializing magazines of the sector, in addition to the proper personal experience of the authors. The above mentioned information is basically objective and it is based on confirmed and demonstrable experiences, although they do not remain exempt from possible and inevitable mistakes in his achievement or interpretation.

In no case one has tried to use material registered by his authors (articles, tests of yield...) without the knowledge of the same ones, although the opinions coincidence turns out to be inevitable in certain cases. The authors of these pages put themselves at the disposal of those that they could consider that some content turns out to be too similar to registered previous contents.


Legal information and Copyrights

The information gathered on these pages has been registered by the principal author (Juan Herrerías Rey) in the Intellectual Property docket. Saying Copyright any reproduction of the contents prevents without the knowledge and approval expresses of the author, which is applied to the information in his current form and writing, without any damage of the basic knowledge on which it is based, which are of general and public use.

Any marks commented on these pages belong to his respective owners, who possess the Copyright of the same ones and/or of the associate logotypes. The use of the above mentioned marks has been always illustrative; in no case one has tried to establish some relation between the above mentioned companies and the authors, not even the present information on these pages on the above mentioned companies and/or his products is endorsed in any way by the above mentioned companies, except in those cases in which the information is based on publications or information expressed by the same ones.

The authors want to leave explicit steadfastness of the identity of the owners of, between others, the following marks and trade names:

  • Intel, Pentium, Celeron, MMX, iCOMP, Intel Inside and the associate logotypes are a property of Intel Corporation.
  • AMD, K5, K6, K7, Athlon, Duron, 3DNow! and the associate logotypes are a property of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • Cyrix is a mark property of Cyrix Corporation.
  • IBM is a mark property of International Business Machines Corporation.
  • Microsoft, Windows and Windows 95/98/me / NT / 2000/XP are marks property of Microsoft Corporation.
  • HP, DeskJet and LaserJet and the associate logotypes are a property of Hewlett Packard.
  • Epson and Stylus and the associate logotypes are a property of Epson.
  • Asus, Iwill, Supermike, Soyo, Sony, Mitsubishi, Nokia, Eizo, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, Nec, US Robotics, are marks registered by his respective owners.

Any other mentioned marks and the associate logotypes belong to his respective owners.



As principal and founding author, wanted to thank all those that have guided and supported me in my learning about the world of the hardware of the PC, and more specially to:

  • The publications in Spanish Current PC, PC World and PC Magazine, enough advisable to any interested party in these topics.
  • The publications in English speech PC World and PC Magazine, of a quality hardly surmountable.
  • The Internet community in general, and especially to all those that spill his knowledge in the Network of a disinterested and altruistic way; thank you very much, friends.
  • The community Linux, for supporting the pavilion of the well high software and the illusion about the well made work. To Linus Torvald, for beginning everything and continuing in the breach.
  • All those companies of hardware and software that impel the computer science pass with new and refreshing ideas for which he is worth buying a computer every a few years.
  • Anyone who is reading this page in this moment; thank you, friend.
  • And finally, but not the last thing in importance, to my fiancée Merche for keeping back patiently all these years although the computer science brings him carelessly.


To all, thank you very much.

Juan Herrerías Rey


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