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AMD Duron: more for much less


Yield ofimático and professional

Well, we come to what it imports: the facts, the objective information, the numbers. The first thing, to mention that the used test configurations have been the following ones:

  • Microprocessors: Pentium III 733, Athlon 700 Slot A "outstanding figure", Athlon Thunderbird 700 Socket A, Duron 700.
  • Basic badges: mark ABIT, models SE6 (i815E), KA7 (KX133) and KT7-RAID (KT133).
  • Memory: 128 MB PC133, CAS3 to 133 MHz (memory of "normal" quality, therefore).
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA TNT2 Ultra (175/183 MHz).
  • Hard disk: Seagate ATA/66 of 8 GB.

... More than in abundance to observe differences. And we go there; the first thing, the yield in applications ofimáticas (Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, Corel WordPerfect, Internet and Windows in general). We have used, as always, the Winstone 99 Business:

Comparative of the yield of the Duron in Winstone 99 Business

Interesting, truth? And really the value of Pentium III, even having 33 MHz more than the others (we might do quickly a yield / MHz correction, but we leave this work to the reader), it seems slightly high to us bearing in mind other comparative conference in Internet. Better motherboard, a question of drivers? Any way the Duron 700 costs much less than the half that a Pentium III 733 but it is only 3,5 % "slower"...

As for more professional applications like the three-dimensional CAD, although we could not have realized exhaustive tests, the yield seems suitable. We must remember that, as other mikes of the family Athlon, the Duron has a 200 MHz bus (100 MHz with DDR, a species of "2x"), what he benefits to him very much in these applications; on the other hand, only it has 64 KB of cache memory L2, but very rapid and supported for neither more nor less than 128 KB of cache memory L1 (4 times more than a Pentium III)... so one for other.

Comparative of the yield of the Duron in Sandra 2000 (band of memory)

In any case, and for whom he prefers the pure information, there we have a comparative measurement of the band of three of the mikes. It is a parameter that cache memory and memory depends on mike, chipset, and it faces us reasonably well on how it will be the yield in applications like 3D Studio Max. Of course, if we are going to mount a servant Athlon Thunderbird or Pentium III we should think about a mike with more cache memory L2, like.


Graphic yield

Definitely, what is of interest to most of the people is not how of rapid it is going to be able to work with his new computer, but what games it will be able to play, if it will be able to do it of fluid form and if it him will last during a reasonable time before having to update it. Since we go to that now...

Comparative of the graphic yield of the Duron in Quake 3 Sand

This big outstanding figure who is Quake 3 Sand proves to be to us that in the aspect graph / game 3D the Duron is the whole champion (onlooker, I still do not realize well if in Spanish "Durón" would be said). The speed is more that respectable, and the absolute stagnation to 800x600 takes us to an important question: come to certain point, there deserves more the sorrow to invest in a better graphic card than in the mike. Remember whenever, for rapid that should be, an isolated element cannot increase the yield if they do not support the rest.

As I complement to the previous thing, we have another test: 3DMark2000. Anyway, bear in mind that it is not a game, but a "synthetic test", so I would entrust anything less in his results...

Comparative of the graphic yield of the Duron in 3DMark2000


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