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Sintonizadora of TV Best Buy Easy TV


We remember few ones when the PCs did not have like interface with the exterior any more than the characters that were appearing by the screen. In the multimedia age, the computer has turned into a free time element we might say that I "complete". With our PC now we can listen to music, see movies in DVD, realize videoconferences or see all the channels of the TV. Photo of the box of Best Buy Easy TV

We are going to analyze a device that allows us to syntonize the TV channels in our computer: Best Buy Easy TV. Bearing in mind that any PC has monitor, to turn this in a TV is a really simple operation. Only we need to install a card sintonizadora, that contains precisely that, a tuner of TV that will be in charge of interpreting the signs that come from the antenna.


Specifications of Best Buy Easy TV

Card Best Buy Easy TV

The specifications of the Easy TV are the proper ones of a card sintonizadora of scale average - fall quite according to his price (although it is possible that it offers us a little more than the price indicates).

These are:

  • Window redimensionable from 32x16 píxels up to finished screen
  • Tuning capacity of up to 125 channels (prepared for cable TV)
  • Tuning and I scan automatic (in spite of just touching a key)
  • Function "mute" with what we will be able to deactivate the sound in any moment
  • Compatible with format AVI for the sequences apprehension
  • Quality YUV 4:2:2 in format RGB of 15, 24 and 32 bits for pixel
  • Brought in Coaxial (antenna), Composite video (RCA) and S-Video (SVHS)
  • Compatible with Microsoft NetMeeting
  • It does not need connection to the videocard
  • Technology PCI
  • He supports sign of video NTSC (use) or PAL (Europe).
  • It includes earphones with microphone and remote control

But we are going to open the box, to see really what we meet...


The hardware

Photo of the chip bt878

We are before an internal card, in format PCI, of good aspect and without too many components on the printed circuit. They emphasize 2 components: the first one is the tuner provided by the prestigious LG, with what the image quality seems insured. Another component, protagonist of most of cards sintonizadoras, is the famous chip bt878.

In the hood of the card we find also the connectors for the diverse earnings and exits. In the top part, entry SVHS; in the center, entry of video RCA

  • Entry of SVHS, to realize apprehensions from devices (like video cameras) that support this format.
  • Entry for the cable originated from the capture of antenna.
  • Entry for capture of video RCA (with the same functionality as the SVHS but a minor quality).
  • Audio entry, in format mini - jack.
  • Connector for the recipient of infrared of the remote control.
  • Exit of Audio, also in format mini - jack.

Of course, the card comes to us with additional, quite useful hardware. First of all a few earphones with microphone. This element turns out to be indispensable if we want to realize videoconferences; with him, anyone that possesses a normal video camera (since in my case a Canon UC5500 of 8mm) will be able to realize videoconferences by means of any of the free programs for this task, like the Microsoft NetMeeting. Part of the content of the box

Another outstanding element is the remote control. In the box they already announce it with finished functions, but in fact it has one more pair. With him we will be able to control absolutely all the functions of the program, and also we will have an absolute control on the leader of the mouse. The only opposing snag: the button that is equivalent to the left click always does double click.

Only we can only comment on a pair of details. Together with the remote control 2 batteries are delivered AAA of 1,5 V that need for his functioning; and to be able to use the remote control a recipient is necessary to use of infrared that also is included. This one gets connected to the card and we will have to place it in a place where it could receive the signs of the remote control.

Finally, there delivers to himself a short cable mini - jack male - male dedicated exclusively to connecting the exit of the Easy TV at the entry in line of our sound card; this way we will be able to listen to the TV for the loudspeakers of our computer (in the opposite case we should have bought this cable separately or connected other loudspeakers to the exit audio of the Easy TV).


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