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Sintonizadora of TV Best Buy Easy TV


Installing the card in a groove PCI

Installation of the hardware

The installation of the card does not cover excessive complication. The basic steps are the same than in any card: We disconnect the current, open the box, install the card in a free groove (in this case, a PCI) and close the box.

As soon as the card was installed and closed the box, before connecting the current, we will have to connect all the cables in the later part of our box. The truth is that they are not small... We will connect the antenna, being very careful of not forcing the tuner. We also have connected the composite video entry, not this way the sound entry (in the paragraph capturing video we will see the porqué). Installed card (in the center, between the graphic card and that of sound)

The connection of the recipient of infrared does not also cover problems, on having used a connector of form different from the others. Finally we will connect the audio exit at the entry in line of our sound card, essential operation to be able to listen to our TV.

With all the cables (a little squeezed as the absence of space) we already have our Easy TV ready to work... so we light the computer.


Installation of the software

As soon as we light the computer, Windows will detect the new hardware and will ask us for the controlers of the device. We will have to indicate him that I looked for them in "E:\DRV\WIN98", substituting "And:" for the unit of CDROM where we have inserted the CD and bearing in mind the version of our operating system. Principal screen of installation of the software

Now we will execute the CD that they deliver to us with the card, be already by means of the autostarter of the same one or executing the program "install.exe" of the directory root of the CD.

By means of this program we gain access to the installation of the program to be able to read the information of the Teletext. Also we can install the omnipresent Internet Explorer and, if we do not have this version or the top one, we will need to install also the DirectX6.

To install the program to watch TV, we will select the option "Utility Driver" and after selecting the operating system "Easy TV will install to himself and Easy TV Lawsuit 5.9". The use of the program is not excessively complicated; nevertheless, the inclusion of a manual in Castilian might have helped enough... therefore, we are going to tell a little in depth the functioning of the software.


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