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Sintonizadora of TV Best Buy Easy TV


Watching TV

The first time that we execute the program of tuning of the TV, the software realizes a yield test. Nevertheless, there is a small problem: since in the first execution there are no syntonized channels yet, we will have to rely on the blue box to fit the quality. If as soon as the TV was syntonized we want to realize the test again, we will have only to puncture on the option "ABOUT" and mark the pigeonhole in which it is indicated that it should turn to realize the cross-check. This is advisable if we are not sure of the quality has fitted well.

Fitting the quality of the image Apprehension of the television (expressing the classic 'Dragon Ball', certainly)

As soon as the program was fitted, it is necessary to us to syntonize the channels. The automatic tuning works really well, capturing all the existing channels (and one who did not know that it existed, but welcome be). Also we will be able to change the name of the presetting, it to fit more to the reality ("CHANNEL:5" we will call it "TVE1", for example).

By means of the control panel on the screen or the remote control we will be able to control the volume, the channel that is reproduced, activate the Mute function, fit the sheen - contraste-color-saturación or activate the option of "always visible". Also we will be able to select what the entry source will be: the antenna of TV, the entry SVHS or the composite video.


Reading the teletext

Once let's have syntonized the channel that we wish, to activate the teletext is so simple as there to throw the program that we had already installed. We can sail along the pages of the teletext of the habitual form, indicating the number of page to which we want to go.

Although it looks like a lie, we are still great the users of this service; in spite of being already in the Internet age, consulting the programming of the different chains, the quotation of the bag or the numbers rewarded in the different drawings both of the ONCE and of the National Lottery, it keeps on being more rapid from the teletext than from Internet.


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