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Sintonizadora of TV Best Buy Easy TV


Capturing video

If in the program we touch the button of entry of video, we will activate the entry of Composite video and of Audio. A child "but" that we have found in this product is not inclusion of earnings RCA also for two audio channels (left - right). In his place we find an entry mini - jack. That's why, in case our video has sound exit RCA, we will have to buy a small cable adapter RCA to mini - jack. Cable triple RCA

We can capture video from any of the available sources (TV, composite video or SVHS). To prove the apprehension of the video, we connect ours Canon UC5500 of 8mm at the composite video entry. We do not capture the audio, although also it is perfectly possible, because for the Canon the RCA-Female adapter would be necessary to mini - jack; this is because before the standardization of the SVHS and the Euroconnector, most of devices as video cameras or video recorders (videos VHS) were expressing his signs by means of a triple cable RCA, with the information of (yellow) video, left audio (target) and (red) right audio. But it is not a problem, adapters of all classes exist for this type of cables, enclosed to Euroconnector.

To realize the apprehension, we will be located on the video screen and will touch the right button (of course we have other options, like capturing only one image). Capturing video

We have multiple options, as they are to indicate the number of frames that we will capture per second, the maximum duration (in seconds) of the apprehension or if we will capture the audio.

Also we can select the format of video to be used, the resolution of the video, the compression that we will apply and finally the quality of the audio.

The only recognized format is the AVI, but programs exist freeware that allow to happen to MPEG, with what we will save ourselves enough it spread on our hard disk.


Conclusion and evaluation

After doing a revision for the characteristics of the product we must mention that one throws in absence a manual in printed Castilian (or in electronic version). Fortunately, although the version in English of the manual is not very extensive, it covers all the aspects of the program, which does not have big complication in his use either. Working and watching TV simultaneously

The Guide of Rapid Installation, on the contrary, yes that is in Spanish and offers a valuable help. It covers the first steps and even some possible problems, something surprising due to his tiny size (way A4).

A problem that we have found is that, if desinstalamos the software, we will have to reinstall not only the software, but also update the controlers of the device (we do not know very well porqué); but this is a really insignificant problem.

Another disadvantage is the commented one previously of that we will have to buy a small adapter RCA to mini jack to be able to capture the sound from an external source. This is largely because the space for connectors is very limited, and the only solution would have been to use an extra badge in the rear part of our PC, as they already do many sound cards. Anyway, it is a question of a quite cheap cable, and if we want only to watch TV it does not need.

Of course, and not only in case of the Easy TV, but with any other sintonizadora, the antenna of which we are going to make use will have to be of good quality (the collective antenna of the building) to obtain a few perfect images.

These disadvantages lack importance when we read the price of the aparatito in question: less than 10.000 ptas (60,1 euros ó 51 $), that converts it into a product with an unbeatable value for money comparable in services to products that are about 20.000 ptas.

It is especially advisable for the people who, already possessing a "classic" video camera, has need to realize videoconferences, since as the price of a webcam of doubtful services we have a device with many major services (that someone finds a webcam capable of capturing video of excellent quality to 640x480 and 24 fps for less than 10.000 ptas), in addition to allowing to watch TV in our PC while we are working (right now I see musical videos while I write these lines).

Also, it is not difficult to find in Internet small utilities to complete the functionality of our card, like: a plug-in for the Winamp by means of which we will be able to control our breeding animal of MP3 favorite with the remote control that the Easy TV includes!!


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