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Cards GeForce2 MX: Creative 3D Blaster against Hercules 3D Prophet II MX


The tests (2): overclocking

Screen of overclocking ('Performance) of the PwerStrip

Very well, next we decide to "squeeze" a little to the cards, by means of the "overclocking" (that is to say, raising the speed of clock of his chip and/or memory).

For it the drivers of the manufacturer can be used, those of NVIDIA (although in some occasions it is necessary to "play" a little with the Record of Windows, as he explains himself on this page) or a program specializing in these adjustments like PowerStrip.

Both cards demonstrated a wide tolerance with the overclocking... but undoubtedly the most appropriate is again Hercules, thanks to his heat spendthrift for the chip GeForce2 MX. It is not that the speed of this one is the most important thing (really it it is that of the memory), but it always comes well... and that of the Creative is burning hot to the tact after a little bit playing to 3D overclockeado.

Also, always we can mount a small fan (of 486, for example) to improve the overclocking capacity, but only if we already have a spendthrift... and with Hercules we have half of the made work.

Comparative of the yield with and without overclocking in Quake 3 Sand

Since we see, on having put in both the mike to 200 MHz (from 175) and the memoirs to 200 and 320 MHz, (from 183 and 286, respectively), both cards improve... but the Creative continues behind, and although his memory should resist it installing would be advisable a spendthrift for the mike.


The tests (3): PCs slightly ancient

Undoubtedly one of the principal uses of these graphic cards is to revitalize PCs slightly ancient (only "a little", if it has a Pentium MMX or low it is much better that it considers to change mike and motherboard). We have proved the one that we already know more rapid, Hercules 3D Prophet II MX, in a Pentium III to 366 MHz.

A what??, he will say more of one. Well, the truth is that this mike DOES NOT EXIST; it is a question of the Pentium 733 but with 66 MHz bus , with "underclocking". As the multiplier is fixed to 5,5x, we obtain quickly a mike of yield very similar to the 400 MHz Celeron , to Pentium II of 350 MHz or to the AMD K6-2 of 450 MHz (although in the latter case a lot of game depends in question).

Yield of Hercules 3D Prophet II MX to 733 MHz and 366 MHz

It seems that a card GeForce2 MX is an excellent rejuvenation remedy for his PC, and if he is even better Hercules. We have already said often that not everything is in the number of MHz, not much less: even with a mike of 50 % of MHz, the yield lowers like much 14 %...



Box of Hercules 3D Prophet II MX

Very well, at this point or the rest of the article has skipped or he already will know which is: the champion card for heavy defeat is Hercules 3D Prophet II MX.

The Creative is undoubtedly a good card, enough better than a TNT2 Ultra... but worse than other GeForce2 MX with SDRAM, especially Hercules, with his 183 MHz memory instead of 166 recommended "minimal" MHz.

Does this mean that that thing about the good yield of the memory DDR-SDRAM is a lie? NO, not and NOT. The DDR-SDRAM is a good technology (in fact, there is SDRAM "doubly made use"... or almost), but simply it is necessary to read the small letter, which in this case is his size of bus of 64 bits instead of 128 bits of the SDRAM. The DDR-SDRAM of 128 bits of the GeForce2 GTS works very well, I insure it myself.

And since we comment on it: is he worth buying a GeForce2 GTS? In my opinion, not... although if he wants "more of more" and one can allow it, there you, it is his money. But to pay approximately 50.000 ptas (approximately 250 $) for a graphic card looks like a madness; it is Hercules MX costs little more than the half, his yield is neither the half nor much less... and his useful life is going to be more or less the same one.

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