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Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro:
pure potency or with anti-aliasing


You try with Anti-Aliasing

Let's observe the impact in the yield of Quake3 of all the additional calculations derived from the anti-aliasing; the graphs are for the Duron to 850 MHz, and the two most significant resolutions have been chosen for every card:

Comparative of the yield in Quake3 with anti-aliasing 1,5x1,5

Comparative of the yield in Quake3 with anti-aliasing 2x2

We have considered only the ways of anti-aliasing who to our judgment suppose an authentic visual progress (I personally would remain with the demanding one 2x2); in view of these results, one understands why a technology so interesting as the anti-aliasing has not been much used till not long ago: with the anti-aliasing to the maximum the GeForce2 MX is unable to overcome them 640x480 píxels of comfortable form.

Nevertheless, Hercules with the chip GTS Pro manages with entire ease to 800x600 with the anti-aliasing to the maximum, which provides an image quality sometimes perceptibly top to 1024x768 without anti-aliasing.


A little of overclocking

Selection of the overclocking by means of the NVIDIA drivers

Pulsate in the image to see it to major size

Of course, we could not allow to spend the occasion of "forcing the machine" to the maximum. The nominal speeds of 3D Prophet II GTS Pro are 200/400 MHz, 200 MHz for the chip and 400 MHz (200 "physical" MHz with DDR) for the memory.

Altering this speed by means of programs as PowerStrip or by means of the drivers of NVIDIA (although according to the version of the same ones it is possible that it is necessary to "play" a little with the Record of Windows, as he explains himself on this page), we reach neither more nor less than 225/450 MHz (chip / memory), a really impressive increase that of course we do not assure that it could be reached in all the cards.

Comparative of the yield in Quake3 with overclocking

Since it sees, the overclocking still leaves certain progress margin; not very big, but less it is not at all...


Conclusions (and a glance to the future)

Good, this is what exists. Obviously, Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro is an excellent graphic card, much more powerful than a GeForce2 MX (like his small sister Hercules 3D Prophet II MX)...

... But this does not mean that everybody needs so much potency, not much less. A clerk will have sufficiently with a card of scarcely 5.000 ptas, or even with one integrated into the chipset; a domestic user moderately keen of the games should be praised by the MX, or by one of the "economic" new versions of the ATI RADEON. Or for the newest KYRO II, of splendid future let's (wait).

This card is for "semiprofessional" uses (and I come up serious, because for "cosituated" like AutoCAD, even a TNT2 is sufficient), for fanatics of the yield... and in a few months, for anyone. One of few advantages from the vertiginous technological change rhythm to the one that we are submitted.

And on technological changes: concerning weeks the first cards will begin coming with the GeForce3, which it improves (between others) in the anti-aliasing paragraph, introducing a new method that allows major speed with practically the same quality that 2x2. The price of these cards will be simply absurd, ridiculous, out of any logic... but perhaps make to lower that of the GTS, Pro and Ultra.

Anyway, that you decide if he is worth investing him now and being late more in be updating, or if he prefers "to crawl" for the time being with a GeForce2 MX or similar, playing "scarcely" the wretched some 1024x768 or 1280x1024 píxels... you will see. While I did not reduce the quality of the monitor to buy a better card (an entire, but very frequent sinsentido), any decision that it takes it will be well.


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