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This page serves as index and file of all the news, which are arranged for weeks as his date of publication. Pulsate in the linkage to gain access to the corresponding news, or use the stamp placed to the left to look for all the news that contain certain key words.


Week of 25-2-2002 to 3-3-2002
2/27/2002: IBM the most rapid semiconductor of the world announces the electronic circuit



Week from 18-2-2002 to 24-2-2002
2/23/2002: Intel and Microsoft plant facing Nokia
2/22/2002: There is extended at the top the família GeForce4: Quadro4
2/21/2002: ROUTE throws (officially) the KT333
2/19/2002: AMD attacks Intel in the segment of the portable devices



Week from 11-2-2002 to 17-2-2002
2/17/2002: The DEFINITIVE death of 3dfx
2/15/2002: SGI presents his new workstations to "only 600 MHz



Week from 4-2-2002 to 10-2-2002
2/7/2002: NVIDIA GeForce4 (aha, "four")



Week from 28-1-2002 to 3-2-2002
2/3/2002: Apple dazzles us once again: 1 dual GHz + GeForce 4 (MX)
1/31/2002: Intel continues his transition to 0,13 microns with the Celeron and the portable ones



Week of 21-1-2002 to 27-1-2002
1/24/2002: EPoX applies the new technologies in basic badges
1/23/2002: New tape recorders Plextor...: up to 40X!
1/21/2002: AMD presents the Duron to 1,3 GHz



Week of 7-1-2002 13-1-2002
1/13/2002: Pentium 0,13 microns 4, in the hunting for the Athlon XP
1/10/2002: New and IMPRESSIVE Apple iMac, and also...



Week from 10-12-2001 to 16-12-2001
12/14/2001: AMD presents his new Athlon MP 1900 + for dual badges



Week from 19-11-2001 to 25-11-2001
11/21/2001: ROUTE defies Intel with another chipset for Pentium 4 and DDR



Week from 12-11-2001 to 18-11-2001
11/18/2001: AMD presents the Duron to 1,2 GHz
11/15/2001: Windows XP does not work well when he travels



Week from 29-10-2001 to 4-11-2001
11/1/2001: The promoters of the KYRO move...: impelled by the "effect XP"?
10/30/2001: ATI presents his RADEON 8500LE, a very interesting option
10/29/2001: Intel offers his support to Microsoft... that accepts it, skylight



Week from 15-10-2001 to 21-10-2001
10/19/2001: The first presentation of Windows XP in Spain
10/17/2001: ROUTE gets in the manufacture of basic badges



Week from 8-10-2001 to 14-10-2001
10/14/2001: Athlon XP: very much yield and not little polemic



Week from 1-10-2001 to 7-10-2001
10/4/2001: NVIDIA introduces his new series GeForce Titanium
10/3/2001: ROUTE gives support to the USB 2.0



Week of 24-9-2001 to 30-9-2001
9/26/2001: Mac OS X: much more than a simple update



Week from 17-9-2001 to 23-9-2001
9/19/2001: AMD Athlon XP with "Equivalent GHz", in October?



Week of 10-9-2001 16-9-2001
9/14/2001: Family Sound Blaster Audigy, the new thing of Creative
9/13/2001: The wireless networks become fashionable
9/10/2001: ROUTE and Intel to the courts, to celebrate the arrival of i845



Week from 3-9-2001 to 9-9-2001
9/7/2001: Chipset Wars, the umpteenth final battle: ROUTE vs. Intel vs. NVIDIA vs. SiS (and ALi, and ATI...)
9/5/2001: IBM in danger: HP acquires Compaq!!
9/4/2001: Intel against AMD, episode 231: more Celerons, price war, agreements...



Week from 27-8-2001 to 2-9-2001
8/31/2001: New series Titanium of NVIDIA
8/28/2001: Intel lowers his prices and throws the Pentium 4 to 2 GHz



Week of 20-8-2001 to 26-8-2001
8/26/2001: Nintendo delays the throwing of his next console
8/24/2001: AMD attacks: new Duron Morgan, more portable mikes and better prices



Week from 13-8-2001 to 19-8-2001
8/17/2001: ATI presents the new scale RADEON (2)



Week of 6-8-2001 12-8-2001
8/12/2001: DDR to 333 MHz for the Pentium 4, of the hand of...: SiS!!
8/9/2001: The ATI RADEON 2 increasingly close



Week from 30-7-2001 to 5-8-2001
8/5/2001: Arapahoe (3GIO): a danger for HyperTransport?
8/2/2001: Maxtor announces the specification Ultra ATA/133
7/31/2001: The first 0,13 microns Intel are for portable



Week of 23-7-2001 to 29-7-2001
7/27/2001: ATI and NVIDIA, "fans" of Apple
7/24/2001: Intel plans an important prices clipping for the family Pentium 4



Week from 16-7-2001 to 22-7-2001
7/22/2001: 2001, an Annus Horribilis? Nooo...: WORSE!!
7/20/2001: Apple renews all his scale of iMacs, iBooks and PowerMacs
7/19/2001: ATI presents the technology SMARTSHADER



Week of 9-7-2001 15-7-2001
7/15/2001: Samsung presents DDR-SDRAM of 128 Mbits to 300 MHz
7/14/2001: Microsoft changes the license of Windows XP
7/12/2001: The first details of the future chip NV25 of NVIDIA
7/9/2001: Pentium 4: new models and bad yield with SDRAM



Week from 2-7-2001 to 8-7-2001
7/8/2001: Intel publishes a draft of the specifications of the AGP 3.0
7/2/2001: Farewell to (better?) processor of 64 bits of the history: Intel buys Alpha



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