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WHAT IS...  

Microprocessor - Motherboard - Memory RAM - Cache memory

Chipset - BIOS - Card video - Monitor - Storage

Card sound - Modem - Printer - Scanner

... the microprocessor?

Quite on these small monsters that are reproduced and die month a month, by means of adding some "MMX", "Pro" or "III". From the 8086 up to the last one gentle-extra-Pentium (and Athlon), explained for you.

... the motherboard?

Pulled down before so much ATX, PCI, AGP, BX and the others? Since it goes to this page, where he will learn everything necessary on these elements.

... the memory RAM?

Practically almost quite on SIMMs, DIMMs, EDO, SDRAM, Fast Page and other slovenly terms.

... the cache memory?

Find out about what goes that thing about "512 Kb I caught L2" that appears in the computers announcements.

... the chipset?

The most important element of the motherboard and probably the most unknown. Know about what goes that thing about ZX, BX, i810... and other alternatives, that not everything is going to be "Intel Inside".

... the BIOS?

A look in depth but lively, graphic and tremendously practical to so unknown but important topic.

... the videocard?

Well, it is possible that you already know what is, but: can he distinguish between PCI and AGP? What are 64 bits that thing about? Does relation exist between memory and resolution? And for games?

... the monitor?

Yes, it is that that looks like a teeny-weeny TV set of color bone. But they not all are equal; they are more and less expensive, interlaced (or not), small and small, and of one dot pitch or other (here I caught him: truth?) since here all that is explained... and more.

... the storage devices?

Of all kinds: fixed and mobile, magnetic and optical, of a few Kb of capacity or tens of GB; from the most ancient diskettes to the most modern devices. The biggest report of all this web site!

... a sound card?

We tell how there works the music (and the noises) in his PC: the different types of cards, the associate technologies, the sound 3D, the loudspeakers...

... a modem?

The definitive review on the topic! Quite, absolutely quite (or almost) on modems, of exhaustive super form but perfectly understandable.

... a printer?

Know the ppp, ppm, cps and other very used terms, as well as the diverse types of printer up to finding the one that he is interested in.

... a scanner?

Does he feel like retouching his photos of the holidays or ordering them by e-mail? Does he want to include a few articles about the Encyclopedia like reference in his thesis? Would he like being able to consult all his notes to the moment and without having to keep hundreds of roles? Since there is no doubt: he needs a scanner. - Sitemap - Contact us Best website of 2009 & 2010 voted by us are:
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