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Note of the publisher
(A reached target... of somewhat unexpected form)

Front of the book "Hardware and components. Edition 2006" The previous leading article was entitled "In the long way was doing 3.0" Knows his Hardware, and in him he was announcing to himself the intention of updating (slowly) the content of the web site, "come in a few months to a stability point [...] to update and to extend the contents manual type [...] to reach the suitable level of stability / regularity in the contents publication".

Well, since it happens often, the life had its own plans.

As it was confronting the small essential updates to support minimally in foot this project (initiated neither more nor less than in 1998), the author of these lines was contacted by Anaya Multimedia, the division of computer science of the acquaintance Grupo Editorial Anaya, proposing to him to realize "a book on hardware PC".

Of course, the proposal was accepted. It was not a thing of allowing her to happen, thinking that this was one of the original targets of the author when it got into this world... neither more nor less than 7 years earlier. (It notices for the fans of the numerology: Can the number 7 be considered to be "lucky" in this case? Of being like that, I hope that my second book should not be late another 7 lucky years...)

Obviously, the contents registered originally in 1998 (and from little success then in the publishing houses) were not turning out to be adapted good brought in the XXIst century, for what for months the author (yes, sometimes I write on me in third person... Julius Caesar also was doing it and look at the success of "Of Beautiful Gallico") it became absorbed in an enormous task of papers, writing and photo, which result is the book Hardware and components. Edition 2006.

To know more details on the above mentioned book, like his finished index or diverse points of sale, they continue the previous linkage; here I will only sum his relation up with the web site "Know his Hardware":

  1. The book is much more extensive, it treats numerous topics that practically are not even mentioned in the web site (screens LCD/TFT, technologies SCSI, SAS and RAID, cards of memory flash, magnetic tapes, digital cameras, digital video, local and wireless networks, etc.) and extends to another magnitude order "classic" topics as the microprocessor or the memory.

  2. The book is absolutely updated, the state of the hardware treats PC up to brought in the year 2006 and it even does some reasonable predictions on the developments of the nearby future... the web site not, regrettably.

  3. Both the book and the web site are written in an understandable, enclosed language that I would dare to say than of nearby and lively form; nevertheless, in many topics the book deepens more in "technical aspects", although it is supported within reach of all the publics and is limited by the fact of being a book, not an encyclopedia (although in another 7 years...: who knows?).

  4. The book is undoubtedly very superior to the web site and it has a reasonable price; the web site has numerous defects and can that occasionally even some small error, but it is free (that it does not "free", eye: scarce and limited or not, it keeps on being a content registered).
Finally, let's answer to the inevitable question: And might not it have improved the web site up to putting it at a height of so splendid book? (One take "splendid" that thing about as a small ironic license). oh, yes, I hope it was possible... I tried it for several years. Regrettably, with contents in Spanish it turns out to be extremely difficult to do profitably a web site, the altruistic quality collaborators it is said that they exist but they are all more than occupied (without this trying desmerecer to those who were two excellent and faithful collaborators, Miguel Tarazona Belenguer and Ignacio Jiménez of the Ship), and the hard of the "web business" my intention has never been to support it like the only source of income... because one is acquiring responsibilities, proper family and these things that happen as the hair is getting lost.

In any case, I invite him to bring in in Conozca his Hardware, read the contents and to solve this way some of his doubts on the hardware PC. If he likes the style, remember that one exists (economic!) book, much wider and modern, that undoubtedly also him please... and that probably also be possible consult in some library, these curious places so in desuetude at present.

A cordial greeting,

Juan E. Smithies King

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