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Logitech Pilot Wheel: a good optical mouse

His publicity in CsH


Photo of Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical

In this small article we will treat the characteristics of a device that finally has reached a few prices that make it acceptable, on having come down to more than the half in the last years. We refer to the optical mice.

Logitech is one of the most important marks as for peripheral in the world of the compatible ones (and of the Apple), with a wide catalog of products that not only includes any type of mouse, but also keyboards, joysticks, trackballs, and lately other multimedia devices as loudspeakers and cameras of vídeoconferencia.



Photo of the optical sensor of Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical

Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical is simply, according to windows, a "interface device humanizes" or, what is the same, a "device prompter" for whom we can understand each other with our computer. Anyway, a mouse, simple and smoothly a mouse.

More you be interested in the fact is that it works without ball: it uses an optical sensor that receives the movement of the mouse. This has more advantages than it seems. First of all it is already not necessary to realize the tedious task of cleaning of the mouse the dirt that makes itself comfortable in the ball and, especially, in the rollers, which provoke an exasperating functioning frequently. Secondly, it is possible to use on almost any surface, the rug use neither is already necessary, so even it nor is necessary that the mouse is located on a completely flat surface, being an ideal to be employed with portable computers at a case of trouble.

Photo of the adapter of USB to PS/2 of Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical

The connection of the device is indiscriminately USB or PS/2. At first the connector is USB, but a small USB adapter is given to PS/2, allowing his use in computers with this connector without any type of problem and without loss of functionality.

It is provided with 3 buttons; the head office is also a wheel, what allows to use the functions of scroll and zoom. Also, it is provided with a completely symmetrical design, with what is suitable so much for matadors as for left-handed.

His size is not excessively big, with what if we are any big mitts (as it is the case of the one who writes) perhaps let's be more comfortable with other a little bigger and voluminous mice (for example the netscroll + of Genius). With this we do not say that it is not comfortable; on the contrary, Logitech has always been characterized for taking care exceedingly of the ergonomics in all his products. In any case, on having lacked ball, his weight is minimal.

Together with the mouse a CD - ROM is included with additional software to extract a major party of the central button and an excellent manual of the user. The software gives itself for operating systems TWO, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Mac OS 8.6 or Superior.


Photo of Logitech Pilot Wheel Mouse Optical connected to the port USB of a portable one

Installation (1): hardware

The installation is simple up to the satiety. In a portable one with Windows Me, after the mouse tuned in in the port USB, it worked straight without having to realize only one operation; immediately it was operative.

In Windows 98 I KNOW the installation it "was" "complicated" (it is one to say) a little: after connecting the device in the port USB, a window appeared warning us of that there had been detected new hardware that must be installed, for which simply one asks us for the CD of Windows. We go, that also there was no problem.


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