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Optimization of the BIOS


The BIOS of our computer keeps on being one of the most unknown and awesome elements of our teams. On the other hand, also it is one of the most important components, entrusted of the basic functions of communication between hardware and hardware - software (as its own name indicates: Basic Input-Output System, Basic System of Entry - exit); but it is not a target of this article explaining either the essentials of the BIOS or his functioning, but how we can extract him, as do with other components of our system, the maximum yield.

To obtain an ideal yield we will have to enter the BIOS and modify certain options related to the behavior of the memory, of the cache memory or of the graphic system. Perhaps let's not manage to obtain an increase of spectacular yield, nevertheless we will be able to obtain certain advantages, polish some errors that do that our system does not give everything what can of itself or to diminish the number of mistakes produced in our computer for configurations that are not ideal.

To continue this article to read earlier turns out to be advisable: What is... the BIOS?. In any case, we will try to try that the article could be understood about autonomous form.


Previous considerations

Before optimizing our BIOS, we will have to realize a step, which although it is not essential, yes that is advisable. It is a question of updating our BIOS to the last available version of the manufacturer of our motherboard, this way it is probable that they diminish the problems or even that we meet new interesting options.

The second step that we should realize consists of having installed in our computer a program of diagnoses and yield measurement; Sandra 2000 is a very good option. This will be necessary to verify the progress got in our system, as well as the general speed increase.

Remember: we are not going to improve spectacularly. Normally, our processor will not work more rapid, and our graphic card will keep on being equal of slow. The principal progress is located in a better transference between processor - memory and discs - memories. When we wish a spectacular yield increase we will have to resort to the overclocking, which is much more dangerous.

Not all the BIOS is equal. In fact, all the options on that I comment later are not in the BIOS of my computer, therefore do not hope to find all of them in his BIOS. There is many that probably yes that are, I optimized those and it tries with those who are not described here and believes that they are going to affect to the yield (for that the benchmark programs are, to do tests).

Manual of a motherboard indicating the position of the jumper for the erasure of the CMOS and his positions

Finally, to point out that it is quite difficult to spoil our computer only playing with the options of the BIOS, so we will have to lose a little the fear of experimenting; nevertheless, it is a much better knowledge what means the option that we are going to modify and the consequences of this modification, we are not going to spend all the time to ourselves looking for all the possible considerations.

In EXTREME cases, the worst thing that can happen the fact is that the computer refuses to start for having chosen a few completely inappropriate options... well, nothing happens, it will be enough to erase the memory CMOS that stores the information of the BIOS. This is done by a jumper that will be indicated in the manual of his badge, or disconnecting a little bit the battery that supports sayings information.


Welcome to the BIOS of his computer...

Once let's enter the BIOS, we will obtain this nice screen of welcome or similar.

Principal screen of a typical BIOS

If we are lucky, as it is our case, a called option will exist PRAISE TURBOCHARGER DEFAULTS along with the traditional one PRAISE SETUP DEFAULTS. The option PRAISE SETUP DEFAULTS he will return all the options to his values for defect, provided by the manufacturer; this configuration normally is the appropriate one (eye, not the ideal one) for a correct functioning and without problems, and normally it is the one that we will be when we buy a computer (the sellers usually do not look for complications). If we have not modified the BIOS, probably be the options that we have from the first day.

Another option, PRAISE TURBOCHARGER DEFAULTS, it will allow that to be loaded a few values to obtain an ideal yield. At first this might affect to the stability of the system... nevertheless, I am writing these lines with this loaded configuration. The existence of this option denotes a good work of the manufacturer of the motherboard, on having facilitated the configuration work to the users of his products. If this is our case, we can load straight these values and we already will have a BIOS optimized (if someone obtains a major yield to the first one doing it manually, that lets me know about it); but on the other hand, we advise to keep on reading the article to know what is what we have done.


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