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The overclocking of the microprocessor


Refrigeration for software

Screen of cosmelling for software Rain, optimized in this case for Pentium II

This another method to cool the mikes consists of making use of a series of present orders of energy saving in all the mikes from the epoch of the Pentium; by means of these orders we set to rest those parts of the mike that are not working in this moment, do not reducing very much the temperature of the mike.

Unfortunately, the system has an insuperable limitation: when the mike is used to the maximum of his potency at all times, the refrigeration cannot be realized; for it, it would be very little effective if for example we are playing non-stop a game 3D extremely complex.

In any case, there take advantage dead times smaller enough than tenth of second, so it can always be useful, at least like support to a good fan. In fact, even without realizing overclocking can be useful: in warm climates, for computers that work in an uninterrupted way without supervision, to help to a fan of not many quality...

The modern operating systems, like Linux or Windows 2000, they realize this refrigeration automatically. Windows 98 and they should to Me do it, if the support of energy ACPI is installed correctly (which not always happens); Windows 95 needs a specific program that deals with this task.

Of many "refrigerating" programs (in English "coolers") that exist, I would recommend the veteran Rain, who is free and in addition to many efficacy and stability (at least in my experience). It can find it in our Discharge section.


A small practical example

To illustrate a little everything what we have counted, have taken a 400 MHz Celeron Mendocino (6x66) of format PPGA and have put him to a small test. We have installed him in a motherboard of ABIT that allows to measure the temperature of the mike and the acquaintance has been executed suite of tests Winstone®99, which it consists not at all more and neither more nor less than in all the programs of the most important suites ofimáticas of Microsoft, Lotus and Corel working simultaneously, in addition to Netscape Navigator.


Mike to 400 MHz

Mike overclockeado to 450 MHz

Punctuation Winstone®99



Maximum temperature (only fan)



Maximum temperature using Rain or ACPI



The above mentioned test is perfect to measure the stability, since he does not allow to rest the computer during almost 20 minutes. Later the bus has changed to 75 MHz, that is to say, to 6x75=450 MHz to itself, and the test has recured; observe the improvement in yield and the increase of heat generation. The following typical bus speed, 83 MHz, already is excessive to bear "such a which", so we would have to begin thinking of refreshing moreover, raise a little the voltage... this is not an exact science, it is an art.



Very well, we have seen what the theory of the overclocking is; now it depends on you taking this to the practice (or not). My advice is that if he does not need any more potency, he does not get involved with the topic, but if a team wants to squeeze the most possible thing, or he needs to stretch his useful life a little more until he could buy other... since forward.

Only remember that the overclocking can be dangerous, but slightly dangerous if it is done carefully. In any case, trying it he will learn a heap on mikes and basic badges, which is already a good motive for trying it. Very well, the above mentioned; now it touches you. That the luck accompanies him!


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