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Memoirs and chipsets at the beginning of 2000



In the current moment, it seems that the most reasonable thing for immense most of users is to install memory SDRAM PC133, so much for his excellent relation quality / price as for his proven compatibility.

This memory should be the option chosen for any mike that we are going to install, since the price difference with the PC100 is very scarce and although now we do not make use of it to the maximum (case to install it in a Celeron, Athlon or a Pentium III with bus of 100MHz), in the future will give us any more possibilities of enlargement.

Bearing this in mind, if the most advisable chipsets he is going to install a mike Intel for the motherboard Apollo Pro would be the ROUTE 133/133A, for all his modern capacities but principally for his support of PC133. In case of badges for the AMD Athlon K7, the best would be the ROUTE KX133; if we cannot find basic badges with this chipset (it is still not very well-established), at least we should install PC133 to be able to extend in a future.

The badges with chipset 820 are not by no means advisable, for his high price and bad yield with memoirs SDRAM. Of course, if it can be allowed to install memory Rambus of the class PC800 it will notice a certain yield increase... but better invest the difference in buying a better graphic card, a more rapid hard disk, more memory or a mike of a few MHz more.

For outstanding figure already concerns to chipset HIS BX, perhaps do not be the best buy for a new motherboard... but his yield with mikes of 100 MHz bus is frankly high and it can be an excellent engagement solution until they come chipsets more modern, especially in badges prepared for overclocking. Of course, whenever it could install memory PC133 (or at least PC100 of mark).

In a nearby future, it is of hoping that finally Intel based on 820 should appear chipsets but prepared to support PC133 (called Intel 815), in addition to the first developments with support of memory DDR-SDRAM (probably in chipsets of ROUTE and AMD), which will allow transferences of between 1,6 and 2,1 GB / century

And even (who knows?), perhaps the memory Rambus lowers his price radically and turn into a viable option; he does not lack yield, but nobody is so dumb as 100.000 pesetas wear out extra for to save itself a pair of seconds of calculation...: or yes?


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