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ABIT SE6: the chipset i815E against all

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Chipset Intel 815E

Not long ago more than one month we were making new chipsets an echo of the arrival of two, the Intel to ourselves 815 and 815E, that with his native support of the memory PC133 were breaking with the recent and dangerous Intel addiction for the memory Rambus-DRAM, which has given so many problems to him in the last year.

Another innovation of these chipsets was that in addition to an integrated video checker, in this occasion fortunately we had also the habitual groove AGP if we were wishing a major graphic yield.

For it, it is supposed that it talks each other of chipsets versatile, destined for all kinds of public and ready to take the relief of the slightly successful one i820; or at least that one looks like the Intel intention. Have they obtained it? Well, thanks to the ABIT SE6, faced two badges with chipset BX and ROUTE Apollo Pro 133, we are going to try to answer to this question...


ABIT SE6: description and characteristics

The following imágen, which we have taken given of the official description of the SE6 of the web site of ABIT, describes to the perfection the badge to us:

Description of the elements of the ABIT SE6

Since we see, the design is quite good: 3 grooves for memory (up to 512 MB), an effective distribution of the components (with the connectors for discs and disk drive without difficulties and placed well to the right of the badge), and very much free space about the socket of the mike to install enormous fans (as the crazy ones of the overclocking like). To tell truth, in our opinion the ideal thing would have been that the feeding connector was in the top part, but it is not possible to have everything...

... Except if this "quite" there are grooves PCI: neither more nor less than six (6!) grooves PCI, more than in abundance for the needs for expansion of anyone. On the other hand, there are no grooves ISA, but yes a CNR. To eliminate ISA is not such a drastic decision, undoubtedly they are obsolete (although it is possible that it turns out to be to someone a certain problem, if it has very specific hardware); and as for the CNR (heiress of the slightly successful AMR), the checker of integrated network can serve to him to use... if it finds the card appropriate CNR, skylight.

The new ABIT badge is equipped with the version i815E with the chipset, which differs of i815 "to dry seasons" in his support of 4 ports USB instead of 2, in supporting the interface for hard disks ATA/100 instead of the ATA/66 and in the checker of integrated network.

Of this, the least important thing turns out to be the support of ATA/100: although there exist already on the market discs that they say to be ATA/100, absolutely none makes use of the theoretical band of 100 MB/s; in fact, not even the best (and more expensive) discs of 7.200 rpm squeeze to the maximum the ATA/66. Skylight that if he glides to buy the best hard disk that exists inside a pair of years, perhaps this characteristic attracts attention of him...

2 ports additional USB turn out to be more interesting: mice, keyboards, escáners, printers... lately there is of everything in this practical format, so 2 ports standard can be filled easily. But attention, he will need to buy the connector adapted separately, unfortunately it is not included by the badge...

... And neither the cable includes with termistor that yes was coming earlier with the badges ABIT, to measure the temperature of some concrete area of the team. Probably this element will only be lacked by the overclockers, since yes there can measure itself straight the temperature of the microprocessor (slightly more important enough), but it is a pity that ABIT saves in this aspect.

Anyway, at least a connector exists if someone wants to buy the separate termistor, and 3 connectors for fans with speed control, it is a consolation. And of course, a cable to be able to use the second port series.

The manual is the ABIT habitual one: only in English (since it happens with practically all the manufacturers of basic badges) but enormously exhaustive, almost a book that describes ALL the aspects of the installation, so much hardware as software... or almost all: curiously, we have not found the paragraph on how there connected the cable for the second port series truly simple (operation), but if really it does not exist (we do not rely much of our sight), it is a minor mistake.


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