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TNT2 vs TNT2 Ultra vs GeForce SDR


You try with the Celeron 466

Next the results appear:

Results of the tests with the Celeron

Since it can be observed, a card i740 makes us come very just up to 800x600 (everything what goes down 20-15 frames per second, fps, proves almost injugable), and that although the Celeron is something better than the AMD K6-2 in most of games.

Nevertheless, the same "weak" mike turns out to be raised up to very high levels on having installed a TNT2 to him; if also we use color of 16 bits (the quality difference with 32 bits is a very subjective topic, but it does not seem to me that it gets lost great... at least in Quake) we can play even to 1280x1024 and without need to buy the model Ultra.

And of course, he is not worth installing a GeForce with this mike, since she turns out to be simply "strangulated" by the yield of the mike, so that his results scarcely defer of those of the most economic TNT2 Ultra.


You try with the Athlon 700

We go now with one of the best mikes of the market in quality / price:

Results of the tests with the Athlon

The first significant conclusion: even a mike as powerful as this one stays in ridiculous with a card of few quality, as it is ours i740. To obtain 15,7 fps to 800x600 is not only slightly humiliating for the Athlon, the fact is that also it is the same that is obtained in a simple Celeron 466...

Of course, as soon as we put a minimally decent card as the TNT2 the yield goes off, but although up to 800x600 it overcomes clearly the Celeron, over this resolution his numbers are almost equal, what seems to indicate a "neck of bottle" due to the graphic card (even if it is the Ultra).

In any case, the true thing is that to play 32 color bits and 1280x1024, the TNT2 Ultra is more than sufficient (and let's not say already to 16 bits); it is more, the GeForce SDR does not give numbers much superficially...

... And why? Is not the GeForce very powerful? Undoubtedly, but it has a problem: the TNT2 Ultra that we have used is one of the most rapid of the market (175/183, 175 MHz his chip and 183 MHz his memory), while the chip GeForce256 goes to "only" 120/166. The speed of the nucleus is slightly low but acceptable, but the big problem is that the memory cannot be to his height.

To demonstrate it, is overclockeado the memory of the GeForce at the edge of his resistance (we do not recommend it to anybody), neither more nor less than to 210 MHz:

Athlon and GeForce256 SDR with normal memory and overclockeada

The difference is more 23 % without touching the speed of the chip GeForce in itself, only the memory. It is for this motive for which we say that if he is going to buy a GeForce, which is with memory DDR, that it is the double of rapid that the SDRAM. Or one of the piece of news GeForce2 GTS, which work to 200/333 (with memory DDR of double use to 166 MHz).


Conclusion and buys

Come to this point, let's do balance. Seen the information, I believe that nobody doubts already of that more it costs to leave the money to him in a good graphic card than in a more rapid mike, although it is a question of losing 100 MHz or more of mike. Chip TNT2 Ultra

And what card? In my opinion, the TNT2 Ultra, but of 175/183 MHz (attention to the small letter of the box). If we cannot pay it, the TNT2 (normal or Pro) is frankly well, although every time there see more M64 and less classic TNT2... a sorrow.

The GeForce is not worth it, while I did not lower his price. And if the buy, already he knows: with memory DDR, or the piece of news GeForce2 GTS... if he can pay it, skylight; more VAT, a ridiculous price costs environment to 55.000 ptas to all lights; better save and buy it in a few months.

And in PCI? Probably, the most advisable thing there keep on being the Voodoo3, which also give few ones or no problem in the basic badges for K6-2 with chipset ALi (if it has one of these and he thinks to put a card AGP, pass earlier for the page of the manufacturer of the badge or for and install the last drivers AGP, or he will repent). They exist TNT2 for PCI, but only they are worth it if he wants support of 32 bits of color, if they have 32 MB of memory and if his mike is moderately powerful.

(Certainly, "vs" is an abbreviation of "versus", which it means "against", and I put it because I am a wooden bowl. Passa a little?)


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