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Windows XP (Whistler): the first contact


The new thing in Whistler (1): appearance

The first thing that attracts attention of us there is the process of installation, almost identical to that of the Windows 2000. Like curiosity, during a little bit a message appears being identified like "Whistler Beta 2", although then Beta happens to be called himself 1. Extract your own conclusions...

After approximately 40 minutes of installation and three rebeginnings of the system there us appears a screen where they informs us that we will have to activate our copy. Nevertheless, one gives us the possibility of continuing, not without earlier reminding to us that spent 30 days our Whistler will stop working, unless we activate previously our copy be already by phone or for Internet.

This way Microsoft thinks that he will avoid the unwanted illegal copies, since for this protection system it might only install the Whistler in an ordering only one. Nevertheless, we cannot affirm to today that this system should be included in the final version, although Microsoft seems determined to do it.

Pantallazo of the Control panel of Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

After these small parentheses us the office of Windows appears.

The first thing that we notice a change is in many of the icons of Windows:

After this we go away to the menu of the button Beginning (Start), where we realize an important change in the esthetics and functionality of the same one.

Pantallazo of the menu of Beginning of Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

Since we see, the Beginning menu has changed radically. In the first one of the columns, with white fund, we will find the direct accesses to the last applications used in our team (it seems that the final version of Windows XP will have certain "intelligence" and will offer automatically the programs most used by the user).

In the top part we will have the applications of navigation and of mail predetermined. Nevertheless, if we use others we will be able to replace them (ejem... or we believe that).

To the right, with blue fund, we see a few menus desplegables that us will lead to diverse options.

In the low part we observe the option "reside programs" that does of the typical programs menu.

In the last line we have the options of "Closing Meeting" and "to Extinguish the team", with a few descriptive and elegant icons.

Nevertheless, there happens also the option to have the menu of classic beginning:

Pantallazo of the configuration of the menu of Beginning of Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416
Pantallazo of the menu of classic Beginning in Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

Other of the details that attracts attention is that for defect we will visualize the icons in format of 48x48 pixels instead of 32x32 habitual, and to many other colors.

Some of the new icons of Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416
Configuration of the visual effects in Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

Since we have seen, one of the showiest changes there are the quantity of new possibilities and esthetic effects. Pero Microsoft has thought also in that or they have not a powerful computer or simply do not want the above mentioned progress, and for it, it is possible to activate or to deactivate almost all these visual effects rapidly and easily.

Also we will have an agent of "topics of office" much more finished than the Bonus (included for example in the Windows 98), since it allows us to change the appearance of the system almost completely, as the utility of Stardock WindowsBlind.

After the first brief but intense contact with the Microsoft Whistler, we decide to extinguish it and find a new change that he confirms to us that Microsoft to position pawned in providing it with esthetics... different.

Pantallazo of election of type of extinguished in Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416


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