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Windows XP (Whistler): the first contact


Trying drivers and you programme

During the installation, Windows Whistler recognized with enough efficacy our hardware, installing the correspondents drivers. But then we decide to prove for our account how he behaves after install drivers writings for Windows I and Windows 2000 (since at present there are no drivers specifics available for Whistler apart from the included ones by Microsoft).

In both cases the result was the same: Whistler was not accepting any. Even after installing the Logitech software for the mice (v9.32) was hung, being necessary enclosed to reinstall the Whistler again because it was not even starting.

As for programs the result was better, since they did not present any problem programs so known as Winzip, Microsoft Office 2000 or Winamp. The Adobe Photoshop 5 was presenting problems on having begun but then he seemed to behave in a stable way.

Nevertheless, applications since 3D Mark 2000 v1.1 they were not working. We install the Quake 3 Sand but on having executed it, it did not work, as the Fifa 2001. Of course, the buscaminas was working perfectly (je, je), and Microsoft assures that games as Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Need for Speed III or Tomb Raider 3 work already correctly.

Conclusions on this matter? Good, two occur to us: the first, that we are before a version that needs "polished" enough, which undoubtedly will receive, at level of accepting certain programs. It is not necessary to worry very much, in his moment we should be able to use without problems more than 95 % of the programs that work in Windows Me or 2000 (except the typical utilities of system, programs designed without following the standards, any programs TWO and concrete game... and of course, the most ancient games for TWO, which can already be pulling). More programs than in Windows 2000, at least.

And second that, as with Windows 2000, the drivers support might give more than one problem. The new hardware or of important marks it will have native support of the drivers included in Windows XP and/or of the corresponding updates of the manufacturer, but the very specific or too cheap hardware might be another question.

Microsoft stakes very much in this paragraph and knows it; we will see how it reacts. In any case, we have always left the trick of Windows XP tries to install on a system Windows 9x, NT or 2000 in functioning, instead of installing it from zero; this sometimes helps that the new Windows "digests" the ancient driver... sometimes.


You try yield

Due to the apparent incompatibility of some programs, only it was possible to execute the SiSoft Sandra 2001, who at all times answered favorably to us. We had liked being able to execute applications as 3DMark 2000 of and Quake III Sand of IDG, but...

I equip of Tests:

  • Athlon 700 MHz
  • Aopen K72 KX133 (Federal Security Service to 2x100 MHz)
  • 256 MB SDRAM CAS 3 to 133 MHz
  • Hard disk Samsung of 20 GB to 5400 rpm
  • 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP
  • Windows Me (4.90.3000) - Installation OEM cleans
  • ROUTE Service Pack 4.28 final
  • ROUTE PCI IDE Device Driver Ver 3.00.0 (Windows Me)
  • Windows Whistler 5.01.2416 - Drivers preinstalled by defect.

We are going to compare the yield of Micrososoft Windows XP (Whistler) with the Windows Me. The test that was realized they were:

  • CPU Dhrystone ALU: it measures the yield of the CPU being based on a series of numerical operations with points, much used for the typical applications.
  • CPU Whetstone FPU: it measures the yield of the unit of floating comma (FPU), essential for applications 3D and games.
  • Integer MMX Enh: rendimento using the multimedia instruciones MMX.
  • Floating Point 3D Now! Enh: yield of the FPU using the instruciones 3D Now!, optimized for the Athlon.
  • Drives benchmark: it measures the yield of the hard disk carrying out diverse intensive operations of writing / reading of the hard disk.
  • Integer ALU/RAM Bandwidth: it realizes intense reading operations and registers in memory using entire operations of the microprocessor. The result gives the band of the memory (in MB/s) in these operations.
  • Float FPU/RAM Bandwidth: again operations of reading and writing in the memory, but this time using the unit of floating comma. Also it gives to us as turned out the breadth of the memory on having used the FPU.

CPU Dhrystone ALU / CPU Whetstone FPU
Result of the test CPU Dhrystone ALU / CPU Whetstone FPU of SiSoft Sandra in Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

Floating Point 3D Now! Enh / Integer MMX Enh
Result of the test Floating Point 3D Now! Enh / Integer MMX Enh de SiSoft Sandra in Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

Drives benchmark
Result of the test Drives benchmark of SiSoft Sandra in Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

Float FPU/RAM Bandwidth / Integer ALU/RAM Bandwidth
Result of the test Float FPU/RAM Bandwidth / Integer ALU/RAM Bandwidth de SiSoft Sandra in Microsoft Whistler 5.01.2416

To tenor of the results, the Microsoft Windows XP (Whistler) deserves an approved attic. The difference not despicable at all in the memory test with regard to the Windows Me indicates us that internally it works better, more rapid and stable, a little on the other hand of waiting thanks to his architecture NT.

The only test that seemingly it suspends is that of intensive yield of the hard disk. Nevertheless, this has his explanation: the Windows Me has worked with the optimized drivers of ROUTE (ROUTE PCI IDE Device Driver Ver 3.00.0) and the Whistler with the preinstalled generic drivers (more ancient). In fact, said drivers, it lowered the desinstalar to Me up to 5689 points (on not having supported for defect the pigeonhole DMA), that is to say, neither more nor less and nothing more that 6630 points less. Namely the Whistler nevertheless demonstrated a magnificent yield for that we wait improve with the futures drivers of ROUTE optimized for the new operating system.


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