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Microsoft Windows XP: dimes and diretes

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The activation system

One of the topics that more fuss has generated between the users has been, undoubtedly, the new-born system of activation of Microsoft. With this system, if the user has not activated his copy spent 30 days from his installation, the operating system will be blocked and will stop working.

"To activate the copy" the user must do it by phone or (preferably) for Internet. Microsoft says to have been polished so that this process is rapid and simple. According to them, at the worst, it must not overcome 4 minutes.

System of activation of Windows XP - Source: Microsoft Corporation

The number of activation is generated from the number of 25 numbers (25!!) that accompanies the legal copy of Windows XP and of the specific configuration of hardware of the PC, depending on such elements like his processor, badge or graphic card.

As a servant could have known, the operating system can only be reinstalled three times a year, and the simple change of accelerating 3D can block the activation system. Obviously, Microsoft must think that with the hardiness of the new system three times a year it is more than sufficient; again, Microsoft demonstrates to us his particular and only way of thinking.

Hundreds of million pesetas have been invested in this activation system, in order to diminish the piracy and to prevent the user from installing the same copy in several computers.

In this sense we must remember that when you accept the contract of license of Microsoft (essential to be able to install any product of Microsoft) he is accepting that only it it goes to install in a computer. Said otherwise, if you have a computer of dessert and of a portable one he will have to buy two legal copies of Windows XP (or of any version of Windows).

Nevertheless, the crack this system skips is an open secret in the network (not, we will not help him to obtain it... it would be illegal. And on the other hand, it is so easy to find it...). Even for major mockery and taunt, many hackers think that it is a question of a simple process, almost a children's game to annul this activation system: it is based simply on the fact that, whenever you begin Windows again, the book-keeper of 30 days returns to the initial position. Microsoft it worries much about the piracy of his products... logically

Obviously, Microsoft realizes this fact and he will never be able to avoid it. To a certain extent Microsoft is "permissible" with this type of illegal actions because, between other things, it cannot harden yet any more (for the time being) his activation system. An unknown is to see as it goes to evolve in next versions this activation system.

Although technically the activation and the record are supposed independent, this system forces the user to register almost unequivocally, with the consequent loss of "anonymity" on the part of the client. A present right in previous versions of the operating system of Windows, which with this version the user has lost almost completely.

This activation system is directed against what Microsoft names "illegal copy". In words of own Microsoft: "The illegal copy consists of the people who shares the software so that they infringe the license (EULA) of the software. An example of illegal copy is someone who obtains a copy of Office XP and installs it in his PC, next it spends it to a person who loads it in his PC, and next he shares it with a third person who installs it and his PC, etc. This form of piracy is very widespread [ejem... undoubtedly] and some groups of the sector think that he supposes 50 per cent of the economic losses for piracy".


We must register to be able to use the totality of the services.NET offered


Windows XP integrates a courier service program, the MSN Messenger, which has happened to be called Windows Messenger, successor of the Netmeeting. It is part of the operating system, like the Internet Explorer or Outlook Express.

Since it is logical, the question is not only the integration or not of Windows Messenger with the operating system, anything that Microsoft already did in due time with his web navigator Internet Explorer and Windows 98: obviously, it is more than probable that XP finishes with other programs of instantaneous courier service like that of Yahoo or American On Line.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to be conscious than to enjoy all the services.NET (this way it names them) that Microsoft provides across Windows XP, it is essential to arrange of a user's account Microsoft Passport.

Very well: and where the problem is? The problem takes root in that, this way, to today Microsoft has already an immense database of 150 million persons. A database of his exclusive use and at his entire disposal (the use conditions and: privacy? they are really draconian). That wants that he says to him, does not make grace great to me.

In this sense, Microsoft gives samples of good will on having said that he thinks to share this information (!!), not to look like so much "the big brother" of the world; we go, a solution that I do not believe that almost anybody likes. Sun Microsystems already heads the position of a global database. And the fact is that we must never forget that there is Microsoft and the rest of the world, and in this concrete topic it was not going to be different.


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