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DFI WT70-EC: the Pentium 4 is done for the RDRAM


At the end of last year, Intel renewed deeply the architecture of his mikes with the throwing of the Pentium 4. Of course, in CsH we could not remain indifferent to this news, so as soon as we assembled all the information on this matter we realize an article about the new mike.

The conclusions that we extract could not be less flattering: rather slow, too expensive and with rather limited possibilities of expansion. But after nine months the Pentium 4 has managed to settle finally on the market... although with less success than any other mike of Intel, of course.

Well, since we are going to make use of the evaluation of the motherboard DFI WT70-EC to consider the current situation of the Pentium 4. How is his yield now? Is it still so expensive? Does it have options opposite to the mikes AMD?


Photo of the DFI WT70-EC

Description and specifications

Well, we go with the familiar list of technical characteristics and a general criticism of the same ones:

  • Support of Pentium 4 Socket 423
  • 400 MHz bus
  • 4 grooves RIMM for memory RDRAM
  • It includes 2 modules CRIMM
  • Chipset Intel 850 (82850/82801)
  • 1 groove AGP 4x 1.5 V
  • 5 grooves PCI
  • 1 groove CNR
  • Support ATA/100
  • Sound AC97 integrated
  • 2 ports USB + 2 optional ones

In general lines, the badge continues the design "of reference" recommended by Intel, both in characteristics and in the distribution of the elements; this one is not so "clean" as in other cases, since we find throughout any more condensers than we would want, but fortunately most they are small and quite low. Connectors of feeding of the DFI WT70-EC - It Arrives, the principal one and that of support of 6 pines; below, the connector of 12 V of 4 pines

On having talked each other of a badge for Pentium 4, with possible special energy needs, there is no only electrical connector but 3, and the power supply will have to be compatible with the standard ATX 2.03 (ATX12V). Two of the above mentioned connectors are in an unbeatable position (in the right side, it arrives), while the third one is too much close to one of the condensers; less evil that this connector is the smallest (of 4 pines) and that will not be disconnected often...

The system of subjection of the fan - spendthrift of the mike is very interesting, since it is realized simply pressing to hand two levers similar to that of the proper socket. This will avoid possible breaks of components on having installed or desinstalar fans; it is very frustrating (and easy) to break a motherboard if the paper clips normally used for the subjection of the spendthrift resist, and already let's not say if they must come up with screwdriver...

The framework of plastic of this system one anchors to the proper badge with 4 bolts (screw + nut) of steel; it seems very firm, but if he thinks to hang kilo and a half of better fan dismantle it and use the additional holes that bring the casings for Pentium 4.

The MCH (species of Northbridge) of the chipset Intel 850 is refreshed perfectly by means of the BIG spendthrift (with fins 2,3 cm high) typically of these badges, which it is installed by thermal silicone. A good solution, which avoids the noise of the small fans of other chipsets.

The connectors for disc are grouped in the right rim (a position better that in recently evaluated AK76-SN); I joust below there are the connectors of LEDs, ignition ATX, etc., that get connected in parallel to the motherboard and are distributed in line and identified to be able to connect them without having to consult the manual. Photo of one of the LEDs of the state of the DFI WT70-EC

Other positive characteristics are the inclusion of a buzzer that does the times of PC-speaker, as well as several integrated LEDs that will remind to us to extinguish the electric current before installing any component; I do not understand how are you things they are not standard for time, they are very useful... and really cheap.

The integrated sound will prove more than in abundance for 95 % of the users, liberating a card PCI and improving the airflow inside the PC. And the groove CNR will be useful only for some integrators OEM... and perhaps not for them, seen the low price of the modems and cards of network and sound for PCI. As the grooves AMR, there are an invention really supérfluo.


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